Wednesday, October 21, 2009

True Then, True Now
If only St Catherine could meet most of the USCCB

Otherwise known as the United States Council of Confused Bishops.

Anyhow, in her letter to letter to Pope Gregory XI, in Avignon, well over 600 years ago, take a peek at what St. Catherine of Sienna told His Holiness; (No emphasis needed. This is all stunningly brilliant.)
Those who are in authority, I say, do evil when holy justice dies in them because of their selfish self-centeredness and their fear of incurring the displeasure of others! They see those under them sinning but it seems they pretend not to see and do not correct them.

And if they do correct, they do it so feebly and halfheartedly that it is worthless, only a plaster over the vice. They are forever afraid of offending and making enemies and all this because of self-love. Sometimes it's just that they would like to keep peace, and this, I tell you, is the worst cruelty one can inflict. If a sore is not cauterized or excised when necessary, but only ointment is applied, not only will it not heal, but it will infect the whole [body], often fatally.


Blogger VSO said...

She is what you'd call a Church Mother.

9:49 AM  
Blogger tuleesh said...

No wonder Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz told off the bishops when they had that farce of a meeting on what to do about the sexual abuse of young congregants: the so-called "Dallas Charter." Bruskewitz told them that they should address their own failures before creating new ways to deal with the problem of sexual abuse by their priests. When he said this, it was like when you throw on the light on, and the roaches run as fast as lightning to hide from the light...only these roaches congregated in the dark, avoiding the light.

The meeting was a disgusting joke that only poured salt in the wounds of the victims. And served to cover the behinds of jelly-spined bishops, like Mahony and McCormack, who knew of the problem and did nothing, except move the abusers from parish to parrish. The USCCB couldn't even bring themselves to officially reprimand retired criminal bishops, like Ziemann and Ryan, et. al. Especially since these men have credible charges of sexual abuse brought against them! The only thing that came out of Dallas was a so-called "National Review Board" set up to deal with the "problem" of sexual abuse by the clergy.

The National Review Board voted to use "strong fraternal correction" on Bishop Bruskewitz. Not because he participated in, or aided and abetted, sexual abuse in his diocese. They wanted him rebuked because he doesn't comply with the terms of the Dallas Charter. But more truthfully, they can't stand that he shone the Light of Truth on them. How disgusting is that?

3:52 PM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

"strong fraternal correction" by the National Review Board, none of whom are bishops or clerics of any sort and have absolutely no ecclesiastical authority over a diocesan ordinary appointed by the Pope. Why am I not surprised?

I opine that the attempted correction of the good Bp. Bruskewitz is really because of his audacity in giving shelter to a traditional priestly fraternity, the SSPX, when he allowed them to build their seminary in his diocese.

Leon Panetta was originally a member of the National Review Board. He is pro-abortion. Good going USCCB!

Bp. Bruskewitz refuses to participate in the National Review Board certifications of Catholic dioceses vis-a-vis child protection programs. Good for him!

7:07 PM  
Blogger Lyda said...

Adeodatus 49, Bp. Bruskewitz allowed the FSSP to build a seminary, not the SSPX.

12:28 PM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

I meant the FSSP. I didn't proof read my post well enough (again!). Also, another senior moment got me.

4:23 PM  

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