Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This Is What Happens When We Have Rotary Bishops
And by rotary, I mean non-ball bearing

Remember that hot wind that blew through our nation just a few weeks ago? You remember... all that talk, talk, talk coming from bishops who railed against "Catholics" who supported pro-abortion politicians. Or maybe that sudden rise in the temperature was global warning... I dunno.

Anyhoo, here's some of the this wonderful article from; (Emphasis mine) Biden Receives Standing Ovation at Catholic Mass after Receiving Communion

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 20, 2009 ( – Two days before he became the next American Vice President, Sen. Joe Biden attended John F. Kennedy's own Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church for Mass, where parishioners gave the pro-abortion politician a standing ovation minutes after he received communion.

The event sparked criticism because, according to Church teaching, public figures who support abortion legislation are automatically excommunicated for violating the Church's pro-life teaching, and therefore should not be given communion.

Biden has come under fire several times from Catholic leaders and laity for misrepresenting Church teaching by insisting that his pro-abortion views are consonant with his Catholic faith, most notably on a Meet the Press interview last September.

Strife has since erupted among Catholic bishops over whether to bar Biden and other pro-abortion "Catholic" politicians from receiving communion. Some bishops insist, despite Vatican instruction to the contrary, that such a move would "politicize" the Eucharist.
Hmmm... I seem to recall a quote from Pope St. Pius X: "It is not fitting that the servant should be applauded in His Master's house."

I wonder if Joe Biden is having a man-sized monstrance built?


Blogger David Nandell said...

A co-worker came up to me yesterday and asked how I felt about having a Catholic VP. This after watching the tv commentators gush over it. I said that if the VP is Catholic than I'm Jewish.

This has been a long week as it is. This crap and having to attend a funeral where I didn't even think I was at a Catholic church. NOTHING was done that anyone would have been able to identify as Catholic. I felt so sad for the deceased. 94 years, growing up and living under the pre-VatII and then this for a funeral?

8:26 AM  
Blogger TCN said...

Man-sized? He wouldn't know what that meant.

9:52 AM  

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