Friday, September 05, 2008

Here Comes Hanna!!
Blast from the past

Originally posted Sept 9th, 2007

I Hate You, Jim Cantore
And your little weather-van, too

Everytime I hear the words; This is Jim Cantore reporting live from
~ Wrightsville Beach, NC
~ Topsail Island, NC
~ Carolina Beach, NC
~ Southport, NC

I know we're about to get pounded by another hurricane. So with that said...

Dear Weather Channel honchos,
Speaking on behalf of the males in the audience here in southeastern North Carolina... we all know that we'll eventually be visited upon by yet another natural disaster.

So in the ensuing days before landfall and we all are rivited to The Weather Channel, everyone knows that we have nothing to look forward to but days or weeks of no electricity (forget about A.C., refrigeration, using the oven and the microwave), shingles ripped off our roofs (oh, the joys of water damage), no running water (I hope we saved enough rain water to flush the tiolets with), etc, etc...

So it's a given that life is going to suck for quite some time. So with that said, could you please send Stephanie Abrams instead of Jim Cantore?


Every Single Red-Blooded American Male In Southeastern North Carolina.


Blogger Kathy said...

What the heck. Did the wind do that to her shirt?

8:46 AM  
Blogger RJW said...

Wouldn't that result in a barrage of prayers for more hurricanes? why can't we have hurricanes in Utah?

2:09 PM  
Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

If I'm going to hear of a natural disaster, better it be her than that other guy.

Although I'm here in Ca, and really ignore the weather channel.

9:02 PM  
Blogger paramedicgirl said...

Cavey, don't forget to offer up all those sufferings - and I don't mean having to look at JimBob instead of Stephanie as one of your sufferings.

1:17 AM  
Blogger deb said...

My youngest son was reading over my shoulder and started to laugh. You men-even the 15 year old ones- are all alike. LOL

10:51 AM  

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