Monday, July 28, 2008

It Looks As If There's Something To What Bishop Willaimson Said
Amazing the way the "Catholic" Bishops of England & Wales consistently tell the Pope to go to hell

As my co-conspirator, PreVat2 pointed out in the posting just previous to this one, Bishop Williamson, SSPX, stated that one of the bitter fruits of the spirit of Vatican II was
Collegiality – which has transformed the Pope into a mirror of the Archbishop of Canterbury – basically a symbolic figurehead who is not obeyed even by his own Bishops, never mind the SSPX!Speaking on behalf of The Holy Father, didn't Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo, President of the Pontifical Council for the Family, say that allowing homosexuals to adopt was tantamount to violence upon the children? Yep... he sure did. Just don't tell that to the Bishops of England and Wales.

Here's some of the article from The Catholic News Agency; (Emphasis mine)
Catholic adoption agency’s new policy will allow homosexuals to adopt

London, Jul 27, 2008 / 05:57 pm (CNA).- The largest Catholic adoption agency in England and Wales has decided to implement an adoption policy that does not rule out same-sex couples in the face of new laws that forbid such screening. The change in its adoption policy was made with the full support of the bishops who oversee the agency.

The decision, made by the Catholic Children’s Society of Arundel and Brighton, Portsmouth and Southwark (A&BSP) means the society will not turn away any homosexual couples who present themselves as potential adopters.

Terry Connor, chief executive of the society, explained to The Universe that any changes would not start until January and were a direct result of the recent Sexual Orientation Regulations which enforced “rights” for same sex couples who wish to adopt.

The move will undoubtedly be seen as controversial in some quarters. In January 2007, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor wrote to the-then Prime Minister Tony Blair suggesting that Catholic adoption agencies in England and Wales would be forced to close down if they were not allowed to opt out of new gay rights laws, which he said contradicted Catholic teaching.

The cardinal said forcing people to act against their consciences would mean discrimination on the grounds of belief, adding that it would be an "unnecessary tragedy" if Catholic agencies were forced to close.

In the cardinal's Westminster archdiocese, the Catholic Children's Society has opted to mount a legal challenge to the regulations by amending its constitution. But A&BSP, which prepares between 40-50 potential adoptive parents a year,
has instead decided to comply with them.

In a letter sent to the society's supporters by Mr. Connor, he suggested that such a course offered the "only transparent, straightforward and guaranteed way of preserving our full range of much needed services for some of the most vulnerable children in the country."

His letter added that the bishops concerned - together with trustees, management and staff - had all agreed that, in the circumstances, it was the most reasonable and responsible course of action for the greater good.

Mr. Connor also stated clearly that that eligibility to apply to adopt a child was only the first step on the road to adoption.

"I suspect if a same-sex couple arrives at any of the agencies just to test out the system, they will not get very far," he said this week. “We do not know whether we will actually be asked to consider same sex couples for the placing of children because, statistically, very few same sex couples go for adoption anyway.”

"We have to give an interview to same sex couples asking to be considered for adoption. But we are not anticipating we are going to get lots of same sex couples. It is much more likely that they will go to their local authority because it is the local authority which makes decisions about matching children with approved adopters, not the society.”
Mr. Connor certainly does place a lot of stock in hoping that queers won't show up and try to adopt. I for one, certainly do get the impression that Connor's reasoning is pretty much along the lines of an Obama for President bumper sticker.

And that's a helluva way to run a "Catholic" adoption agency.


Blogger Arkanabar T'verrick Ilarsadin said...

There are some things which are not and can not be compatible with enlistment in the Church Militant, and giving children to sterile unions is one of them.

Of course, this article has a lot more to say on that subject than I, and better than I could say it.

5:51 AM  

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