Thursday, July 24, 2008

Is This What They Mean By "The Smoke Of Satan"?
It's a big day for the Ecumaniacs!

Here's some of a rather bizarre article from the New Hampshire Union Leader; (Emphasis mine) Woman spoke of Catholic 'devils'
New Hampshire Union Leader Staff

LACONIA – A statement made to her pastor that there are "devils in the Catholic church" led police to a 27-year-old Laconia woman now charged with trying to torch the Sacred Heart Church in May.

Yesterday, Jasmin L. Braley of 322 Union Ave. was arraigned on charges of arson, a Class B felony, for the May 20 attempt to burn down the stately brick Roman Catholic church at Union and Gilford avenues. The fire caused more than $1,000 in damage.

In an affidavit in support of the arrest, Detective Kevin M. Butler said St. James Episcopal Church Pastor Hayes Judkin told him on June 24 he had read news reports about Braley being charged with the arson of her home, which is next to the Roman Catholic church.

The affidavit said Junkin told police he been involved in pastoral work with Braley for eight months -- since the death of her infant son. He had gone to Braley's apartment with Joy Dickinson, a parishioner, before the arson at the church.

"As Junkin and Dickinson were leaving Braley's residence she made the statement, 'There's nothing you can do as long as there are devils in the Catholic church over there.' Junkin stated he did not understand what this statement meant or to what devils she was referring to, but Braley then stated, "Those people over there say evil things.'"
And the Episcopalian dude kept his mouth shut... interesting.


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