Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I Love It When Mrs. Caveman Makes The Random 16 Candles Reference
I'll admit it, I'm a greasy kinda guy

The other day I was yakkin' on the phone, and whoever I was talking to wanted to bump their gums with the House Sergeant Major. I handed the phone off, and as soon as she held the phone to her ear, it was yanked away just as quickly.

With a rather disgusted look on her face, she wiped off the earpiece and scowled at me "you oily BOHUNK!"

This one's for you, Donger.... wherever you are.


Blogger Kit Brookside said...

Right on, Lady of the Cave! Oh, what would I give to have some sweet tea and chat with your dear bride, Cavey! She's my hero!


(Actually, she's kinda like Norm's wife, Vera, from "Cheers" - will we ever actually see her?)

10:42 PM  

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