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I Guess they Forgot About The Murder Of Priests And Nuns
Oh... and the abolition of God, as well
Helmet tip to The Gas Man

In a recent conversation with a friend, he stated that one of the movers and shakers of The Second Vatican Council proudly proclaimed that Vatican II was "our French Revolution".

Well, I did a little research. It turns out the author Rama P. Coomaraswamy cites in his book "Destruction of the Christian Tradition", that Léon Joseph Cardinal Suenens, one of the leading liberals in The Church, glowingly bragged that Vatican II was "the French Revolution of The Church".

And that ain't all. Hold on to your hat for this --- another uber-liberal, Yves Cardinal Congar likened The Council to the Russian October Revolution. And get ready for this... he was SO liberal, that he was BANNED from teaching and publishing by Pope Pius XII... oh, but made a Cardinal by Pope John Paul II. Big shocker, huh?

Two things spring to mind;

~ Both the French and the Russian Revolutions were violently anti-God and resulted in the mass murders of priests, nuns and monks, both Catholic* and Russian Orthodox**.

~ I've just read the headline that the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the largest archdiocese in America, is BRAGGING about ordaining a whopping twelve men to the priesthood, the highest number in ten years (that's not something to brag about, but to be ashamed of).

It looks like there's one box the "Spirit of Vatican II" crowd can check off - the destruction of both the Ordained Priesthood and Religious Orders.

*In Paris, over a forty-eight hour period beginning on September 2, 1792, as the Legislative Assembly (successor to the National Constituent Assembly) dissolved into chaos, three Church bishops and more than two hundred priests were massacred by angry mobs; this constituted part of what would become known as the September Massacres. Priests were among those drowned in the Noyades for treason under the direction of Jean-Baptiste Carrier; priests and nuns were among the mass executions at Lyon, for separatism, on the orders of Joseph Fouché and Collot d'Herbois. Hundreds more priests were imprisoned and made to suffer in abominable conditions in the port of Rochefort.

**Here are 122 documents from the 4000 in Lenin's 'Secret Archive'. They were examined by Prof. Pipes, the first Western scholar to see them, and reveal the truth about Lenin: the orders to kill farmers, push Jews and Ukrainians 'to the front, not letting them into government agencies', to help left-wing British intellectuals by lying and to destroy churches and murder priests.


Blogger Hail3N1 said...

This is a little off maybe, but I've read about this Card Suenens as a very liberal man. That he did much in progressing what we now have as feminists nuns.
Also, in the "LEGIO MARIAE" handbook of the Legion of Mary, there is a section which refers to a Card. Suenens, speaking in a favorable sense about him. There were some legionaries who say that this Suenens cannot be the same man. Is there anyone out there that can elaborate on this? I'm hoping this is not the same Cardinal which Fr. John Hardon states, "A single book by Cardinal Suenens titled, "The nun in the modern world" has been heavily responsible for the liberation of 10's of thousands of religious women in countries like the U.S. who as he wrote, "we no longer want to be nursemaids to other peoples' children." [well it's quite evident that many other clergy are on the same wave length as him!]

10:46 AM  
Blogger Theophilus said...

The French Revolution was satanical indeed, but nothing to be surprised about that as it was mainly the work of freemasons.

7:55 PM  
Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Being from LA, that 12 is an embarassment to me, for the amount of Catholics that are here. But vocations to the religious orders are up.

12:51 AM  

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