Monday, June 23, 2008

Holy Schnike!!
It's the Tommy Boy Top Ten, plus one!

Vir Simplex over at American Rumpo has the ultimate Tommy Boy tribute. But I'm only posting 6-11.

If you want to see the top five, you gotta swing on over to American Rumpo.
#11 - The President or CEO of the company you work for just might have been a D- 7 year college student that wasted most of his brain on malted hops and bong resin. This is the guy you trust with your livelihood? IDIOT!!

#10 - Keep an eye on your kids, if you catch them eating bear claws two at a time this could be a sign of problems down the road!

#9 - Urinating in public is hazardous to your health (especially near an electical transformer)!

#8 - If you have daughters DO NOT create the whole "tooth fairy" program. One of these fairies could be a crazy glue sniffer and well........just don't take a chance!

#7 - Never go sailing never know when you are going to need a friend to scare the crap out of some punk kids who are mocking you!

#6 - If you are in sales and you have been getting way too many no's when trying to close the deal. Get someone to hit you across the face with a 2"x4" it might just knock something loose!


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