Monday, March 24, 2008

"Extra Democrat Party, Nulla Salus"
Translation - Outside The Democratic Party, There Is No Salvation

What happens when Sacred Writ is replaced by the Platform of the Democratic Party? Could it be the same thing that happens when Sacred Tradition is replaced by the history of "The Spirit of Vatican II"?

Hold your collective noses and read on to find out what happens. Here's some from The California Catholic Daily (Comments and emphasis mine) “Antithetical to the Catholic ethos”
Special "Mass for Democrats" to be celebrated at San Jose diocesan cathedral

When California Democrats gather this coming weekend for their state convention in San Jose, delegates will have the opportunity to attend a special Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph, the seat of the Diocese of San Jose, located just a half-mile from the convention site.

The Mass is sponsored by a group that calls itself Catholic Democrats of California, the state affiliate of a national group based in Boston known as Catholic Democrats.

“Some have asked why the group is focused on Catholic issues and spirituality, as opposed to broader Christian themes,” the web site continues. “Because conservatives have increasingly used Catholic language and Catholic congregations to advance their economic agenda and political interests, we have felt a special obligation as Catholics to enunciate the reasons why we think many of the current conservatives stances are so antithetical to the Catholic ethos -- on poverty, on war, on racial strife, and perhaps especially on abortion and other social issues.”
(Oh really? Those nasty Conservatives are speaking out on abortion? Surely they can't be pro-life... like you folks, right? Oops, but then I read the very next paragraph with wonderfully illustrates how hypocritical you sorry bastards really are)

The proposed platform of the California Democratic Party specifically mentions abortion, but under the euphemism “reproductive rights." The state party “proudly and vigorously supports a woman’s right to choose how to use her mind, her body and her time,” says a draft version of the platform.

The platform pledges to “preserve confidential, unrestricted access to affordable, quality and culturally appropriate health and reproductive services, including contraception and emergency contraception, without requiring guardian, judicial, parental or spousal consent or notification.”
(Gee, I'm ready to join Catholic Democrats of California right now, how 'bout you?)

In addition, the platform says California Democrats “support the LGBT community in its quest for the right to legal marriage.” (Ooooooh! Where do I sign up!!??)

The Mass at the cathedral is scheduled for Saturday, March 29, at 7:15 a.m., and will be officiated by Fr. Jon Pedigo, pastor of St. Julie Billiart parish in San Jose. “Join us as we come together to share the social justice teachings of Catholic Democrats,” says an announcement of the Mass on the California group’s web site. ("Social Justice"! I'm there, baby! But isn't the Mass suppose to be about the Unbloody Sacrifice of Christ on Calvary? Hmmm.....)

Fr. Pedigo, “a native of the Bay Area, has been active in civic affairs and social justice causes for over 25 years,” notes the parish web site. “Since his ordination to the Diocese of San José in 1991, Fr. Pedigo has been involved with several local social justice causes and inter-faith dialogues.” (MORE "Social Justice"!!)

The state Democratic Party Convention begins on Friday, March 28, and concludes on Sunday, March 30. On opening night, says a preliminary agenda, the “Chair's Welcome Reception” will feature “Special Guest, Speaker Nancy Pelosi.” (Don't they mean Her Holiness, Pope Nancy?)
Did anyone ever notice any mention of the salvation of souls? How about The Kingship of Christ? Neither did I.

All joking aside, the "priest" in question and the bishop of San Jose are in desperate need of prayers. It's obvious that they consider the salvation of their immortal souls to be found in the Democratic Party, and the Catholic Church is nothing more than a means to an end to this bastardized version of secular salvation.

Saint Joseph, pray for us and especially the diocese dedicated to you.


Blogger Al said...

I wonder if any of those Social-Justice Catholics(?????) have ever seen let alone read the "Compendium of Social Teachings of the Catholic Church" that the Vatican put out 3 yrs ago. I highly doubt it, else they might be a little surprized to find out the liberal stands they take are the ones that are "antithetical to the Catholic ethos" not the conservative ones.

I'd advise thwem (& many of the other US Bishops) to find out what the Catholic Church teaches about immigration & a country's right to put limits on it. & the Church's requirement for the immigrants to learn the culture (including language) of the country they move to.

Of course, in the past they have never paid attention to what the Church actually teaches, why should they now?

At least they are being honest about 1 thing. They invited everyone to “Join us as we come together to share the social justice teachings of Catholic Democrats." Note the last 2 words. "Catholic Democrats. they are sharing their teachings. They are basically admitting that they have set themselves up as an alternative magesterium.

Vir,I doubt if they are even thinking about, let alone care about or believe in, their immortal souls. If they were they would remember & heed the warning the USCCB put out last Fall about "putting their immortal souls to risk" by supporting abortion.

I could go on & on but it would only increase my agita level.

7:28 AM  

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