Friday, October 19, 2007

Then put him up on war crimes

Not all that long ago, there was this Rather Nasty Man who decided to launch a lil' attack on the United States of America. This Rather Nasty Man had his people hit a few different American targets, but his biggest hit was against a certain municipality. When the attack was over, more than a few Americans were dead, and the municipality in question was left with quite a few buildings nothing more than smoldering heaps of ashes.

So anyhow, this Rather Nasty Man hightailed it back to his base of operations, obviously in a foreign country.

The American president was plenty pissed. He ordered American infantry and aviation units to attack this particular foreign country to hunt down and capture/kill the Rather Nasty Man.

So off went the Yanks a huntin'. They searched the mountains... and they searched the valleys... and they searched the deserts... and they searched the towns. Every so often, the American troops would come into contact with the Rather Nasty Man's troops, and the Americans would engage in battle, and without fail, the good guys would kill the bad guys.

Works for me, but I digress. The American troops searched long and hard for the Rather Nasty Man, and they ended up never finding him after all. Many a politician in Washington called for the Presidents head. More than a few claimed that he was engaged in an unconstitutional war. Others referred to the President as a war criminal.

So the President and the Rather Nasty Man in question are George W. Bush and Usama bin-Laden... right? WRONG. Want to know who they are?

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The Rather Nasty Man in question was Pancho Villa, and the President in question was the God-Father of 20th Century American Liberalism, Woodrow Wilson.

Golly, I wonder why the Democrats never bring up the 1916-1917 DEMOCRAT ORDERED excursion into sovereign Mexican territory? By the way, all the while without the approval of the Mexican government, nor was US Congressional approval ever granted.

Personally, I think we definitely should have gone after Villa. But I also find it equally amazing that Mr-One-World-Government himself gets a pass from the Dems.

Amazing, huh?


Blogger Dad29 said...

My great-uncle rode from the 32nd Division's cavalry-barn (The Red Arrow Division) in Milwaukee to assist in demolishing Pancho Villa.

The armory is still in use by the 32nd Division.

But the horses are no longer kept there; the floor is now littered with HMVEES.

1:21 PM  
Blogger ignorant redneck said...

My grandpa rode with the 4th Cav--after Villa, took part in the last cavalry charge in US history. (He was also one of the 127 reasons why it was the last charge!)

7:10 PM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

As did my great-grandfather, my grandfather, and his brother!
Small world.

8:45 PM  

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