Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Treat The Symptom, Ignore The Disease
*as I shake my head in disbelief*

To borrow from Lord Tennyson; "Stupid to the left of me, stupid to the right of me, stupid all around me".

This tid-bit from the Beeb has got my skivvies all tied up in knots --- The Financial Times reports that Masterfoods, the company which makes the Mars and Snickers chocolate bars, are to stop marketing confectionery to children under 12.

The paper says this is the first time a major foodmaker has set such a high global age threshold for such products and it reflects all the concern about advertising being linked to childhood obesity.

OK, just to make sure I understand this... the average North American and Western European kid considers a rousing game of what-the-hell-ever on his PlayStation and/or XBox to be what us old farts use to call "going outside to play".

As kids, we old farts use to run, break a sweat, and even occasionally skin our knees. And these food blisters now-a-days sit on their collective corpulent asses and get sore thumbs. And everyone scratches their heads and wonder why we have a generation of fat-assed kids who couldn't run a mile of their lives depended on it.

But please, please, pretty please Masterfoods... whatever you do, don't let the USCCB know what your up to. They just might use the rationale of Masterfoods, and in an effort to cut down on sin, might abolish the Sacrament of Confession.


Blogger Angry Orthodox said...

Sheesh. Just because parents don't kick their kids out of the house. What horse hockey.

5:22 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

This childhood obesity witchhunt is absolutely pathetic and useless. When I was a senior in high school, the district decided to take out all the soda machines (which was fine with me, since I don't drink soda anyway), and replace all the chips, candy, etc. with "healthy foods"... i.e., granola bars and those lousy baked chips that taste like cardboard. It didn't make a damn bit of difference, since the fat kids just got their junk foods from other sources, and the teachers did a rousing business selling candy bars and the like in their classrooms.

And whom does the Masterfoods company think it's fooling? Their proposed ban on marketing to kids under twelve isn't going to keep kids from knowing about candy... it's like children are born with the instinctual knowledge of the candy aisle, just as salmon instinctively know how to get back to the stream of their birth (or whatever). Useless, simply useless.

5:48 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

reflects all the concern about advertising being linked to childhood obesity.

Last time I checked, commercials and other advertising didn't actually feed food to children. Parents had to make the decision to purchase food before the kids can consume it.

And the only way kids get the junk food is if parents give in to their whining and pleading (ie, they have no resolve). And parents made their kids get out and get active. Advertising does not super glue little Johnny's butt to the computer chair or living room couch. Or that's my opinion.

But the government and advertisers and the nanny-state supporters don't think parents are capable of raising children properly. Hence the stupidity of things like this.

9:22 AM  

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