Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Moved!!

Joe over at Defend Us In Battle has some great news. The sham 'consecrations' that I just posted about, have been moved from Our Lady of Guadeloupe Catholic Church, to someplace else that heretics hang out.

Personally, I'm still curious as to why a Catholic parish was chosen for this fraud to begin with.


Blogger ignorant redneck said...


It is my belief that the use of this parish was based in a desire to undermine the Holy Father, and his offer to Anglicans who are catholic in faith, who are moeving to be Catholic in fact.

Many bishops in the church oppose this on the grounds that it undermines "ecumenical dialog". That is false--it is the fruit of ecumenical dialog.

Many of these Bishops are worried that people who take the Faith and Sacraments so seriously that they will willingly lose their polity and often their physical patrimonies in favor of the Faith will inspire those of us who are Catholic to stand up to the Modernists and Antisacredotalists who have infested Christs Church with the aim of "reimaging" it into a secular institution for social work.

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