Friday, March 14, 2008

Moslems Conversions On The Rise In Mexico
Spirit of Vatican II alert!!

Yep... the gutter "religion" of islam is on the rise, of all places, Mexico. And sadly, among Latinos in the United States, as well. And the reasons are glaringly obvious. Well, I think I'll tell the Emperor about his new clothes.

~ Instead of milk, the faithful are given sugary Kool-Aid.
~ Instead of Catholic mysticism, the faithful are given Kumbayah emotionalism.
~ Instead of Catholic traditions, the faithful were given fads that emphasized entertainment value.
~ Instead of solid, orthodox Catholic teaching, the faithful was given the flavor of the moment.
~ Instead of being told that The Truth comes from above, the faithful were told that The Truth comes from within.

Long story short... the Catholic Church has no one to blame but the Catholic Church. The Church has allowed the Modernist tumor to remain unattended and untreated for the past 40+ years. But amazingly enough, everyone has the shit shocked out of them when this particular cancer starts to metastasize. Golly gee... how'd that happen? Hell, in many corners of The Church, Modernism was fully and totally embraced. Anyone been to Los Angeles as of late?

Anyhow, here's some from Spiegel Magazine (Germany); (Emphasis and comments mine) Gomez, 23, converted to Islam eight years ago; ever since then, he has called himself Ibrahim. On his first pilgrimage seven years ago, the Indian was still something of an anomaly. Today, however, Muslim women in headscarves have become a common sight on the streets of San Cristobal.

In the mid 1990s, a group of Spanish Muslims embarked to Latin America to spread the word; their leader was Aureliano Perez, who is now worshipped by the Maya-Muslims as Emir Nafia. He offered the Zapatista rebels fighting under Subcomandante Marcos, whom Perez supported, an ideological-religious alliance. Marcos was hesitant to enter the odd pact, but the Muslim missionaries were unperturbed: They discovered that the Tzotzil Indians made up the majority of the Zapatista rebels and were quite open to the teachings of the prophet Mohammed.
(Wow... terrorism and islam go great together. Big shocker there, huh?)
And here's some of an article from The Tribune (Northern Colorado); (Comments mine) Hugo Hernández put aside the saints, the host and the confessions. Nineteen years of Catholic religious traditions were left behind when he decided to convert to Islam. When he finished eight grade, the family moved to Denver and he started high school in a private Jesuit school. (Jesuits. There's your first mistake.)

Father Bernie Schmitz of Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church, 1311 3rd St., Greeley, said for a long time the church has been concerned that Latinos, when they arrive in the U.S., can grow lax in their practice of the faith. (So, Father "Bernie"... other than "being concerned for a long time", what the hell have you done?)

"Some simply stop going (to church) because work seems to demand too much," Schmitz said. (Bull shit. Plenty of Latinos make it to Mass even though many work way over 40 hours a week. I know I made it to Mass every Sunday that I was working 90 hours a week) And he added in some instances, they have trouble finding a Catholic parish that they are able to relate to, since North American culture and Latin American cultures are so different. (Bull shit. Classic cop-out. The problem many have to "relating to", is the insipid drivel that passes itself off as Catholicism.)

The so-called exodus from the Catholic church is not exclusively happening in the U.S.; Schmitz says it's happening all over the world. "The Church in Latin America is also dealing with the reality of people who were baptized Catholic, but never really formed in the faith later in life, leave and associate with evangelical churches," he explains.
Not all that long ago, everyone laughed when it was predicted that the Fundies would be converting Latino Catholics by the truck load. No one's laughing now. And as far as moslems making huge inroads among the Latinos, let's give it another 20 years... let's see just how shitty things have gotten. That is unless the Church leadership get's their collective heads and asses wired together.


Blogger VSO said...

Liberals will hand muslims the sword with which the muslims will use to behead liberals.

9:27 AM  
Blogger Michelle Therese said...

The silent Jihad...

11:16 AM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

"The Church in Latin America is also dealing with the reality of people who were baptized Catholic, but never really formed in the faith later in life, leave and associate with evangelical churches,"

Ahhh, as you say, the Spirit of Vatican 2 and the Church's failure to catechize its members. Instead of instructional sermons they got fell good homilies.

7:49 PM  
Blogger paramedicgirl said...

They worship their leader. A fatal mistake, especially when their true leader is Satan.

10:31 PM  
Blogger Dymphna said...

God help us.

12:47 PM  
Blogger Walter said...

Liberal/Modernist solution to this....add some aspects of Islam to the Mass. It'll pull in the youth and, after all, we "serve the same God", right? In fact lets call God Allah instead...oh wait.

12:21 AM  
Blogger deb said...

I don't understand this. People complain that Catholicism is too guilt ridden, to full of rules. Then they go and convert to a religion in which the minute details of the practioner's daily life is laid out with rules? Women have to dress a certain way, everyone has to pray at set times,not eat certain food, etc. It makes no sense to me.

7:45 PM  
Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

God help us! I say we preform an exorcism on the entire country of Mexico, US, Italy, etc. Let's get Satan out!

4:05 PM  

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