Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Case Of The Mysterious Disappearing D
Liberal Media Bias?? Noooooooo.... sarcasm (heavy) --- *ON*

Kinda like how the liberal media has no problemo whatsoever by labeling someone a "right-winger", but the only time you ever hear of a left wing, is if they're doing a story on airplanes.

From the Media Research Center; (Click on link for entire story. And a good one it is) ABC and NBC Refuse to Utter Spitzer's Party ID
Just as occurred Monday night, viewers of Tuesday's ABC and NBC evening newscasts never heard the word "Democrat" applied to New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, nor did they even put a "(D)" on screen by his name as ABC did briefly Monday.
CBS didn't announce his party either on Tuesday night, but Katie Couric had done so Monday night. The ABC and NBC newscasts, however, did put "(R)" on screen over soundbites from Republicans and NBC's Mike Taibbi twice referred to the reaction from "Republican" politicians.


Blogger VSO said...

What liberal...oh, THAT liberal bias.

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