Saturday, May 27, 2006

Just Stop, Pat
You're embarrassing yourself

CBN head honcho Pat Robertson says he has leg-pressed 2,000 pounds. The "700 Club" host's feat of strength is recounted on the web site of his Christian Broadcasting Network, in a posting headlined "How Pat Robertson Leg Pressed 2,000 Pounds."

Clay Travis of CBS called the 2,000-pound assertion impossible in a column this week, writing that the leg-press record for football players at Florida State University is 665 pounds less. "Where in the world did Robertson even find a machine that could hold 2,000 pounds at one time?" Travis asked.

This rates right up there with that angry little North Korean munchkin, AKA: Beloved Midget, Kim Jong-il who reportedly shot 11 holes-in-one on the first round he ever played.

The Amazing Kim went on to say; "I remember all computer codes and telephones that workers are using now". Also, on a day Kim visited a cemetery, he looked around at the tombs and he remembered the achievements, characteristics, tastes and bereaved family members for hundreds of the dead by a quick glance at the names on tombstones.

Yeah.... right.

But back to Pat Robertson. Sure I have some serious theological differences with him, but we have to give credit where credit's due. He's been a very loud voice in exposing The Da Vinci Code hoax. But Pat... when ya start making claims like this, coupled with you hawking "health shakes" and "health pancakes" on your website, you lose any credibility you may have. And to be quite honest, you start to come across as a wee bit of a snake oil salesman.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robertson has lost so much credibility with some of his other tirades but 2,000 pounds is pure hogwash unless he does it in front of me or on TV. He's 76 or 77 now and reportedly performed this feat three years ago. I'm 59 and leg press 1,000 lbs. 12x once a week. A few years ago I did 1110 6x, but one ton by a 70+ guy who doesn't even look like he's in shape! Give me a break.

6:19 PM  
Blogger Brother James said...

If the good folks at CBN wish for their organization to have ANY credibility in the future, they really need to take the microphone and camera away from Pat. It's time to retire, play golf, make those little ships in bottles, and read the entire collection of Calvin and Hobbes.

7:45 AM  
Blogger Dymphna said...

Can't we just treat poor Pat like a senile old uncle?

7:36 PM  

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