Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pope Saint John Paul II The Great?
Based on WHAT?!

Yes, yes... everyone loved the former Holy Father. But as what? A strong Vicar of Christ... a guiding figure of moral absolutes in an uncertain world... a cuddly, if not somewhat confused but still very cuddly grandfather figure?

I say we pull in the reigns on this idiotic "Insta-Saint, Just Add Holy Water" fad. Are we talking Holy Canonization, or some type of ecclesiastical popularity contest? Sheesh... it took forty years to finally canonize the most recent pope to achieve Sainthood, Pope St. Pius X. Sorry, Pope John Paul ain't no Pope St. Pius X.

But I digress, I'm dead set against this break-neck speed race for JP 2's canonization. For many reasons, actually.

1. What great happened under his pontificate? Other than empty seminaries, empty convents, empty pews, sodomite-rapist "priests", rapist protecting bishops, a Lavender Mafia, Catholic schools closing by the truckload, a majority of Catholics that don't even believe in The Real Presence, etc, etc... gee, I can't think of anything great that happened under his watch.

2. John Paul II did produce some utterly brilliant writings. Unfortunantly, he was promptly ignored. And to make matters worse, he did absolutely nothing about it. What good is a shepherd who is unwilling (or afraid) to use his crozier?

3. Lastly, this mad dash to Sainthood simply cheapens the entire notion of canonized Saints. Hence, it cheapens Catholicism.


Blogger JoeD said...

One other thing, JPII continually gave us some of the worst bishops. That cannot be the work of the Holy Spirit. The bishop selection process at the Vatican needs total revamping.

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