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De Nile Runs Through Boston As Well As Cairo
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Helmet tip to New Catholic over at Rorate Caeli

This will be the one and only time I'll ever refer to him as "Cardinal Sean". He's Cardinal O'Malley as far as I'm concerned. I personally don't care how hard he tries to come off as just one of the guys.

Anyhow, the good Cardinal tells the world on his blog that "This issue of the Latin Mass is not urgent for our country". What planet has he been on?

The good Cardinal seems to fixate on the SSPX. His spin on the upcoming Motu Proprio falls squarely on the so-called reconciliation between Rome and the Society. As Cardinal O'Malley stated on his blog;

The Holy Father is obviously most concerned about trying to bring about reconciliation in the Church. There are about 600,000 Catholics who are participating in the liturgies of the Society of St. Pius X, along with about 400 priest.

But by making the Latin Mass more available, the Holy Father is hoping to convince those disaffected Catholics that it is time for them to return to full union with the Catholic Church... The Motu Proprio is his latest attempt at reconciliation.

In my comments at the meeting I told my brother bishops that in the United States the number of people who participate in the Latin Mass even with permission is very low. Additionally, according to the research that I did, there are only 18 priories of the Society of St. Pius X in the entire country. Therefore this document will not result in a great deal of change for the Catholics in the U.S. Indeed, interest in the Latin Mass is particularly low here in New England.

I couldn't help but notice that His Eminence failed to bring up the multiple closings of Catholic churches in his Archdiocese. His Eminence failed to mention that the fastest growing denomination in New England is Mormonism.

His Eminence failed to even discuss that within his Archdiocese, there are "Catholic" politicians who consistently tell both the Cardinal and The Church to go to hell. His Eminence failed to bring up that it's his own "faithful" Catholics that keep putting the likes of abortion-loving, homosexual-pandering "Catholics" such as Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and Thomas Menino into office. Conspicuously absent was any mention of his predecessor who escaped just one step ahead of the DA's Office for protecting homosexual rapist "priests".

You know, it really is sad that the good Cardinal can't bring himself to be honest with us all and admit that The Church is in the self-destruct mode, especially here in America. Am I the only one who finds it odd that the good Cardinal didn't bring up the following;

Beyond a vague understanding of a need for "more vocations," most Catholics are perhaps unaware of the disaster facing the American priesthood. After skyrocketing from about 27,000 in 1930 to 58,000 in 1965, the number of priests in the United States dropped to 45,000 in 2002. By 2020, there will be about 31,000 priests--and only 15,000 will be under the age of 70, according to a study conducted by Dr. James R. Lothian of Fordham University.

The shortage of priests has created a problem previously unknown to modern Catholics: the priestless parish. Only 3 percent of the parishes in the US--a total of 549--were without a priest in 1965. In 2002 there were 2,928 priestless parishes, about 15 percent of all US parishes. By 2020, a quarter of all parishes, 4,656, will have no priest.

As one would expect, the priest dearth has been fueled by a collapse in the seminarian population. There were 16,300 seminarians in 1930 and 49,000 in 1965. By 2002 the number had plunged to 4,700: a 90 percent decrease. Without any students, countless seminaries across the country have been sold or shuttered. There were 596 seminaries in 1965, and only 200 in 2002.

Nor did His Eminence discuss this;

A 1958 Gallup Poll reported that three in four Catholics attended church on Sundays. A recent study by the University of Notre Dame found that only one in four now attend.

Only 10 percent of lay religious teachers now accept church teaching on contraception. Fifty-three percent believe a Catholic can have an abortion and remain a good Catholic. Sixty-five percent believe that Catholics may divorce and remarry. Seventy-seven percent believe one can be a good Catholic without going to mass on Sundays. By one New York Times poll, 70 percent of all Catholics in the age group 18 to 44 believe the Eucharist is merely a "symbolic reminder" of Jesus.

Should I be shocked that Cardinal O'Malley neglected to bring up how shabbily he treated the rightful aspirations of tradition-minded Catholics in his own Archdiocese? Just a few days ago, I asked "Is it any wonder that the majority of Catholics who were raised in the Mass of Paul VI look upon the Traditional Latin Mass as something freakish and to be avoided at all costs?"

But the Motu Proprio is all about the SSPX. Right, Your Eminence? As we use to say in the Marine Corps, you're either part of the problem or you're part of the solution. A blind man can see where Cardinal O'Malley falls.

To paraphrase the late, great Anna Haycraft; Cardinal O'Malley is taking something pure and strong, mixing it up with something weak and polluted, slashing it about, watching The Church fall apart around him and then congratulating himself on his progress.

Friday, June 29, 2007

The War On Terror Is Just A Bumper Sticker
Looks like John Edwards was right all along

The following is a release from the BreckGirl'08 Campaign Headquarters -

LONDON — Police thwarted a car bomb bumper sticker attack Friday in London's bustling nightclub and theater district, defusing a crude explosive device bumper sticker making machine made of gasoline bumper stickers, propane gas bumper stickers, and nails even more bumper stickers after an ambulance crew spotted smoke coming from a green Mercedes outside a nightclub. Hours later, police confirmed that a second car bomb bumper sticker was found in the center of the city.

The bomb bumper sticker in the city's theater district was powerful enough to have caused "significant injury or loss of life" possibly killing hundreds, many, many ugly American-inspired pro-war bumper stickers placed on proper British cars, stated British anti-terror ugly American bumper stickers police chief Peter Clarke. A British government official stated that Scotland Yard investigators believed that the bomb bumper sticker near Piccadilly Circus was to be triggered applied to the car remotely by cell phone.

A police officer risked his life by removing the remote trigger bumper sticker from the vehicle before the device bumper sticker could be set off read by anyone and that had been towed from the city center around the same time the other explosive bumper sticker was being defused peeled off. Sky News reported that the device bumper sticker found in this vehicle — a blue Mercedes — was similar to the one found in the theater district.

Britain's new home secretary, Jacqui Smith called an emergency meeting of top officials, calling the attempted attack "international terrorism" "another example of American paranoia and war-mongering."
For Shame, Padres...
Helmet tip to my goomba, Motes

WARNING! This post contains crude and explicit language. If that may offend you, don't read it.

Over the many years, I've had plenty of reasons to be embarrassed of my beloved Padres. The decades worth of losing seasons, those ugly-ass uniforms back in the 70's, Ted Leitner, the list is endless. I had plenty of reasons to be embarrassed... but never was. Until now.

You see, the July 8th game will be promoted as “Out in Petco Park”, also known as "Pride Night". That's right.... it'll be Queer Night at the old ball yard. Complete with the National Anthem being sung by the Gay Men's Chorus of San Diego (I hope they don't screw-up the line "...that our flag was still there"). Oddly enough, this promotion also falls on the day that all kids under 14 get in free. Smart move. Talk about lambs among wolves.

Now there are those who defend this action by saying that this is just another promotion. After all, Petco Park will also have an Episcopalian Night. So what? They can't tell the difference between a Bishop and a Queen. Ahhh... and we also are told that Petco Park also recently held Harley-Davidson Night and Bowling League Night. Folks, "Pride Night" isn't based on a love of motorcycles or bowling. This is based solely and exclusively on a deviant and abnormal sexual perversion. And it's being celebrated?

Baseball is suppose to be about dad taking his son to learn and love America's Past Time, not so Sonny-Boy can ask, "Daddy, why are those two men kissing?" Baseball isn't suppose to be about being subjected to the Gay Men's Chorus of San Diego lisping their way through the Nathional Anthem. Baseball is suppose to be about peanuts and crackerjacks, not penis and the crack of Jack.

And besides, confusion will reign at the ball park that night. Who the hell will know who's pitching and catching? If a batter slaps a homer, as a sign of respect and solidarity with the Sodomites-In-The-Stands, will said hitter run the bases backwards? Will we see the pink bats, yet again? Will the Queers work themselves into a big gay frenzy if they find out that any given player is a switch hitter, has to go to 1st because he has four balls on him, or was once accused of having a corked bat? And for the love of God, when Hoffy comes out in the bottom of the ninth, don't play any AC/DC.

And what makes this most embarrassing, our own Bishop Brom is conspicuously silent. But then again, he is kinda side tracked with legal trouble right now. Something about him protecting homosexual rapist "priests". I wonder if His Sexcellency will be in the stands July 8th?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hasn't The Church Suffered Enough?
God must REALLY be mad at us

Homosexual rapists in the priesthood, bishops that protect them, priests embezzling from their own parishes, an Archbishop who give s a half million dollars in hush money to his boyfriend.... now this;

From the "Larry King Live" interview --

Larry King: "Are you going to go to Mass?"
Paris Hilton: "Yes"

Unfortunately, young Paris thinks you take the Communion wine with salt and lemon. And no, Paris... caviar doesn't go on "that little white crackery thing".
It's Official
Straight from the Vatican, Deo Gratias
Helmet tip to Rorate Caeli for the translation


A meeting took place yesterday afternoon at the Vatican, presided by the Cardinal Secretary of State, in which the content and the spirit of the expected "Motu proprio" of the Holy Father on the use of the Missal promulgated by John XXIII in 1962 were explained to the representatives of several episcopal conferences. The Holy Father came to greet those who were present and maintained a profound discussion with them for about one hour. The publication of the document - which will be accompanied by a thorough personal letter of the Holy Father to the singular Bishops - is predicted for within a few days, when the document itself will be sent to all Bishops with the indication of its successive coming into effect.

Click here for the original Italian

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mantillas And Murder
Women aren't special, neither are their unborn children. Kill 'em all.

Now that the title and subtitle has gotten your attention... let's have some straight talk. An interesting stat came to my attention this morning, and I also found this article from ABC News, with the headline - Murder Is One of Top Causes of Death for Pregnant Women

That story, as well as a couple of other news stories I've heard as of late, tell that the cause of death for roughly one out of five pregnant women is murder. And then there is this report from American Journal of Public Health that states the following;

...31.0% of women died as a result of homicide, ranking homicide as the second leading cause of total reported injury deaths among pregnant women and postpartum women, following deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents (44.1%). The rest of the pregnancy-associated injury deaths were attributed to unintentional injuries (12.7%), suicide (10.3%), and other (2.0%).

Well, now comes the time when The Caveman gets to ask the real hard question. And here it is - why is it, Mr. & Mrs. Western Civilization, that you are so damned surprised, shocked and disturbed that all this garbage is coming to a head? Hellfire, Mr. & Mrs. Western Civilization... isn't this what you've been striving for the past few decades?

Unborn children aren't special. The religion that "Reproductive Rights" has become has proven that time and again. Millions and millions of butchered children.... just as many stunned, bloodied, and lied to women who've had their wombs ripped into so the Planned Parenthood Gestapo & Friends crowd could claim another ghoulish victory.

And like I said, women aren't anything special. Women aren't ladies anymore... they're equal. Doing such horrible things such as referring to a women older than you as Ma'am; holding the door open; pulling her chair out; helping her carry her groceries; slugging some creep who would dare to drop F-Bombs in front of the womenfolk, physically intervene if a woman is being mugged/beaten, etc, etc, are considered acts of a...well... a caveman. And we are all taught that acts such as those are better left in the Stone Age. As Mamma Caveman once told me when I was but a wee Caveboy, "why should I step down to be 'equal' to men? I like being treated like a lady."

But hey, men have forgotten how to conduct themselves like gentlemen.... how to act manly. Men and women are slowly mutating into some sort of an androgynous freak. And this is exactly what the Social Engineers have been striving towards for decades. So is it any wonder that a woman, pregnant or otherwise, should be looked upon as special? Children aren't to be respected, women aren't to be respected, men aren't to be respected. Know why? Because respect is based on moral absolutes. And nothing sends a Liberal into a screeching melt-down like a moral absolute of any kind.

You know, Mrs. Caveman (a convert) once asked my why Catholic women wore Mantillas at Mass. Without getting deep into Sacred Scripture, the short answer was "as in the case of the Tabernacle, the Catholic Church has always been in the habit of placing a veil on what is considered sacred".

Well, for the most part, Catholic women don't wear Mantillas at Mass anymore, one would be hard pressed to even FIND a Tabernacle at the more "modern" parishes, and most Catholics have no problem putting as baby butcher in the White House.

THIS is progress?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

LIVE From The Big Dog House Itself, It's.....
MC Roger!


Thank you very much, ladies and germs. Welcome to Our Lady of Somethingerother Cathedral in beautiful downtown Los Angeles. Let me be the first to invite everyone to our 1st Annual “Downtown Dog Day Afternoon,” July 31, in the cathedral plaza. It's “a Community Event for Downtown Los Angeles Doggies of ALL Faiths AND their Humans! Bring your four legged friend to the Cathedral for the Downtown Dog Day Afternoon being held on the Cathedral Plaza.”

And here's a sneak peek of what we have in store! Put your paws together and meet my amazing talking Yorkie, Francis The Sissy! (I named him after my Vocations Director)

MC Roger: Francis, what's that on top of the cathedral?
Francis: Ruff!
MC Roger: That's right, Francis - a roof!

MC Roger: Francis, do you know the first name of the next person I want to ordain to the priesthood?
Francis: Ruff!
MC Roger: Right again! Ruth!

MC Roger: But tell me, Francis... what is it that I've been trying so hard to create in the Catholic Church?
Francis: Ruff!
MC Roger: Exactly right, Francis! A rift!

MC Roger: Lastly, tell me Francis, how do you think things with go for us under that big meany, Pope Benedict?
Francis: Ruff!
MC Roger: Rough indeed, Francis... rough indeed!

His Emanate Cardinal "I Shouldn't Have Had That Last Burrito" Mahony (right), AKA: MC Roger, gives a whole new meaning to "lean to the left". Pfffft! "Oh well, with all the dog crap on the cathedral floor, I'll bet no one'll even notice that I just busted ass. Quien Pedo?!"

Monday, June 25, 2007

"I Would Not Want To See People Turn Their Backs On Vatican II" ~ Bishop Paul Zipfel, Bismarck, ND
Who says a whole new religion wasn't started?

In interesting article from the Bismark Tribune. It turns out that the local Ordinary there doesn't want the Faithful to "turn their backs on V2". Gosh... wasn't there a Catholic Church before 1962? I could have sworn there was.

Going one step further... I've read the V2 documents. I don't recall reading anywhere The Council stating that everything prior to is to be considered null and void. In fact, there's very, very little in The Second Vatican Council that binding upon pain of sin (dogma). Allow me to make this crystal clear.... ONLY Lumen Gentium (The Dogmatic Constitution of The Church) is binding upon pain of sin, period. And in my 1,014 page 1992 New Revised Edition of the Conciliar and Post Conciliar Documents, Lumen Gentium is a whopping 76 pages.

Lemme see... that means that less than 8% of what the Council actually released is a "must" for us Catholics, right? But hooooooooold on there, Cowboy. All Lumen Gentium did was to reinforce almost 2,000 years of Catholic Teaching. Now that I think about it, there never was a new dogma ever declared by V2, was there? No, there wasn't.

So what in the world does Bishop Zipfel mean by "turning our backs on V2"? Here's this Council that's over 92% (for lack of a better phrase) totally up for discussion, change, or even nullification. But we are exhorted not to turn our backs on it? I'm sorry, but that simply defies all common sense. I get the distinct impression that the good bishop doesn't want us to turn our backs on the "Spirit" of Vatican II.

Should we seriously and prayerfully consider ALL the documents of Vatican II? Of course. But when members of our own hierarchy give the distinct, albeit subtly nuanced, impression that we must adhere to the Council in it's totality, you know what? That's just wrong.

And I must also confess, with regard to how His Excellency described The Traditional Latin Mass, I'm somewhat taken aback by his comment that "everything was done with (the priest's) back to the people and in quiet. People didn't know what was being done". Now I'm sure that Bishop Zipfel is an intelligent man, but as someone who was ordained just a year before V2, I'm sure that he understands that the priest doesn't have his "back to the people". In actuality, the priest is joining with the people in facing God in the Tabernacle.

And I must admit, I found his "People didn't know what was being done" comment to be rather condescending. When I first started to attend the Latin Mass, I understood from Day One what was being done. As did my parents, grand parents, great-grand parents, great-great-grand parents, etc. It really wasn't all that hard. Bishop Zipfel, we're not stupid.

Is everything suppose to be spoon-fed to us? Over-simplified? Dumbed-down? God forbid that we actually utilize our gray matter. Is it any wonder that the majority of Catholics who were raised in the Mass of Paul VI look upon the Traditional Latin Mass as something freakish and to be avoided at all costs?

Why is it that so many Catholic clerics look upon Vatican II as if it was THE Council, and not just A Council? I think we all know the answer to that.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Forget About Barbarians At The Gate
They're already inside the walls

I remember that during the first Clinton inauguration, some Clinton flunky had made a derogatory remark about the military jets flying overhead. He was reminded by a more senior flunky, "those are our jets now." Yep, the barbarians were already in the city walls.

And here's a couple more examples of the very same thing happening in our own Church. Check out these headlines (and sub-headlines);

Edmonton Mayor's Gay Pride Brunch Held in Catholic Church Hall
Archbishop aware of upcoming event but did not cancel it fearing of legal repercussions

Private parts & Catholics parade in San Francisco
Catholics from San Francisco's Most Holy Redeemer parish once again plan to dance and march in the city's gay pride extravaganza. Father John Malloy blows the whistle on errant fellow priests.

For Edmonton's Archbishop Richard Smith and San Francisco's Archbishop George Niederauer, I think Dr. Cox says it best....

"Here's a prescription for two testicles. I suggest you have it filled immediately."

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Further Evidence Of The Disaster That Is "The Spirit" Of Vatican II
We have met the enemy and they are us

A very disturbing headline from Catholic World News;
Giuliani leads among Catholic Republicans, poll finds

Here's just a bit;

American Catholics are somewhat more likely than other voters to support Rudy Giuliani in the Republican presidential primary, according to a survey commissioned by the Pew Forum for Religion & Public Life.

The Pew Forum found that among likely Democratic voters, Hillary Clinton gains the most support among self-identified Catholics.

Among the Republican contenders, Giuliani drew the highest level of support among Catholics. Nearly half-- 49%-- of the Catholic voters said that they were likely to support the former New York mayor... Only 15% of the Catholics surveyed said that there is "no chance" they would vote for Giuliani.

Hold on... back the truck up. Folks, this is a damn sight deeper than just Catholics who so desire to vote for a couple of individuals with somewhat liberal social views.

Here are two individuals who openly and proudly advocate the butchery of unborn children, legitimizing homosexual "civil unions", are in favor of killing babies for Frankensteinish experimentation, etc. And then we have rather sizable numbers of Catholics who have no problem placing either of these despicable characters into the Oval Office? And only a very, very small number of Catholics take official Church Teaching seriously?

Literally and figuratively, what the hell's going on? I'll tell you what the hell's going on... we Catholics, especially here in America, have been force-fed a steady diet of Relativism, Modernism, and moral ambiguity for the past 40+ years. And all of it has been under the banner of "The Spirit" of Vatican II.

How many times have we heard the heretical mantra "whatever my well formed conscience tells me!". The dopes who keep chanting that seem to forget that The Church has *never taught "whatever you think is right is right". But I have met priests and nuns who have said to me "it's only a sin if you think it's a sin", and "only you know what's right and wrong". Ladies and Gents... those are perfect examples of Modernism --- The Truth comes from within, not from above. And like I said, that's what we've had shoved down our throats since the late 60's.

So anyhow, what's the end result of all the sewage and pollution that's been stinkin' up the joint for so long? "Catholics" who have no problem whatsoever in placing a butcher into the White House.

And we have no one to blame but ourselves. There are less than a dozen Bishops who have stated that they will rightly deny Holy Communion to pro-abortion "Catholic" politicians. But we have over 300 member bishops in the USCCB?

We have Catholics with no real idea of what it means to be Catholic, and our gutless "leaders" are the ones who put us in this predicament. Am I the only one who sees something desperately wrong here? But I shouldn't be surprised, Christ sent His Holy Mother to warn us that this would happen.

Our Lady of Akita, Ora Pro Nobis.

*refer to 1783-1789 of the CCC. Especially 1789; "one may never do evil so that good may result from it"
What If The Latin Mass Is More Successful Than Anyone Expected?

I've heard that many "progressive" Catholics are planning preemptive strikes to counter the ever growing traditionalism that's sweeping through The Church. Here's some examples;

The Novus Ordo Society ~ Dedicated to keeping the Mass alive in the various languages that it's celebrated in, such as English, Spanish, Esperanto, Mongolian, Tierra del Fuegan, Fortin, Indian Smoke Signals, Interpretive Dance, Goomba Brooklyn-Italiano Obscene Hand Gestures, Binary, Martian, etc. Originally named "Plures Voces", but changed name to current because someone realized that Plures Voces was in that ridiculous Latin.

The SSML; The Society of St. Martin Luther ~ "Telling The Pope To Go To Hell Since 1517". The SSML is a radical off-shoot of the SSHK, the Society of St. Hans Kung, which was a radical off-shoot of the SSVII, the Society of the Spirit of Vatican II. Membership in all three organizations is dwindling due to all their members are dying of old age.

Free-Thinking Single Catholics ~ A forum for the more liberally minded who are seeking either a guilt-free short term concubine-in-residence, or a long term straight-bi-gay-lesbian-transgendered-polygamous-incestuous-bestial-necrophiliac (any combination thereof) relationship. Day-Glo condoms, morning after pills, and penicillin booster shots provided free of charge to those who sign up for one year membership.

Latin Mass Watch ~ A Novus Ordo news portal that specializes in featuring various horror stories of overt Traditional Catholicism world-wide.

Lair of the Catholic Eco-Friendly Sissy Ticklefight Pooh Bear Cavepersons of Undetermined Gender ~ A quasi-serious weblog that gaily focuses on the glories of everything Novus Ordo. Special attention paid to true meaning of the Theology of Dandelions and Kitten Whiskers, and what it mean to everyone at Sts. Che and Fidel Catholic Community of Berkeley, California. Peace, out.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Fun With English
Yet another argument in favor for the Latin Mass, as illustrated by Baron von Fronkensteen

As I've said many a time on this blog, English (and all the other modern languages) constantly evolve and change their meanings. Just a generation ago, the word "gay" meant one thing, now it means something totally different. Hey, why play fast and loose with the Consecration?

Liturgical Latin is unchanging. What's said is meant, and what's meant is said. That's why we need to stick with the Traditional Latin Mass. I think the good Baron gives an excellent example on how badly modern languages mutate meanings...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course, Of Course...
Unless it's THIS kind of horse

Every so often, a ComBox posting takes on a life of its own. This is one of them.

From the enigmatic Bruce;

This happened two weeks ago in Manhattan. What do you think?

Walking on the Upper East Side towards Central Park , a friend and I came upon a strange looking automobile. He asked, "You know what that is? It's a Novus Ordo car." I concurred. Then, we wondered, "What would a Traditional Missal car look like."

Well, as we pondered, we crossed the street. At the corner, we passed a public phone and I noticed an advertisement featuring a horse. "A horse!" I said. It all came to me at once. I explained, "A horse is a living thing. The car is often seemingly lifeless. The horse grows organically. The car is manufactured, mechanistically fabricated, and frankensteinish. Of course,the car is modelled on the horse to some degree, hence it is said to have "horsepower." But, the car is designed for quickness and easy to use. The horse takes time and alot of work."

My friend then astutely added, "The car seats everyone comfortably. There's room for everyone. And You can play whatever kind of music you like." "Exactly," I thought, "If you want music while on the horse, you need to use your God-given living voice for song." I then proposed, "The horse can actually make people feel uncomfotable at times. The car intentionally seeks to avoid that. The car also comes in many styles to suit one's tastes."

We agreed that the comparison is fruit for meditation. I came away thinking, "The man-made car focuses upon the people within it and makes you want to stay on the journey. The horse, given by God, is a beautiful creature. But, even though we appreciate it, as we ride the horse, we are contantly focusing upon getting to our home destination. The journey remains a means to the end.

In worldly affairs cars are a great advance. But, we should never treat spiritual things as we do wordly things. The spiritual horse of the Pre-Pauline Traditional Mass is what has been passed on during the centuries unto us today. We must love and treat this living organic thing with respect, for it is given by God to carry us to paradise. While the spiritual car of the Novus Ordo may fulfill the purpose, it may cause us to focus too much upon human achievement and the mere journey."

Let us hope that the Holy Father gives us the Motu Proprio soon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's Begun
The first steps to jail our priests
Helmet tip to Matthew

Remember no too long ago I posted about the day that they would be coming for our priests? That day has dawned.

Australia's Cardinal Pell is to be interrogated by a parliamentary committee. What happened was that Cardinal Pell warned Catholic lawmakers that they would face religious consequences if they supported a bill allowing therapeutic cloning.

The Greens Party (tree hugging, rainbow flag waiving, baby butchering Communists) won approval to have the cardinal interrogated by a parliamentary committee for contempt. Under the Crimes Act, contempt of Parliament is a highly serious offense punishable by up to 25 years in jail.

There's no doubt in my mind that this will die in committee. But don't think for a moment that The Greens or their friends have quit trying. This is just starting.
Liturgical 'Go-Go' Dancers?
Helmet tip to both PreVatII and Matthew

From Matt Abbott's article in Renew America;

A reader sent me the following photos of three girls (I've omitted their faces) — dressed rather provocatively — who, er, danced at a recent Franciscan Jubilee Mass for a group of women religious at the cathedral in the Joliet, Ill., Catholic diocese.

I've read on another blog how the owner "enjoys the Novus Ordo orthodoxy" or some such nonsense. Yeah... right.

Even though Matt Abbott didn't show the faces of our lovely Liturgical Go-Go Dancers, I was able to get a close up of "Father Groovydude" ~

Am I sexually attracted to a single one of them?
Absolutely NOT! Yeah, Baby!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What Does The Nicolas Sarkozy Election And The Motu Proprio Have In Common?
More than you may realize

There's an absolutely fascinating article from The City Journal (of New York)entitled "Hope for Old Europe?"

Do yourself a rather large favor and read just this wee bit of the article;

In September of last year, Robert Redeker, a French philosopher, went into hiding after getting death threats for an op-ed piece he wrote on Islam. In his short piece for the conservative daily Le Figaro, Redeker argued that while Jesus was a “master of love,” Mohammed was “a master of hate.” Islam, he noted, was the only major religion for which war was integral to its theology.

Outside of a handful of intellectuals, like André Glucksmann, and a stray politician or two, Redeker had no defenders. When famed Al Jazeera personality Sheik Youseff al-Quaradawi, scourge of the Jews and crusaders, took to the airwaves to denounce the blasphemer, Le Monde echoed his condemnations. Yet just ten months later, Nicolas Sarkozy has been elected French president on a platform of affirming France’s Enlightenment heritage.

Sarkozy’s road to the Elysee Palace was paved not only by the mini-Intifada in the Paris banlieues, but also by a memorable public exchange about Islam. An intellectually confident Sarkozy, then the interior minister, debated suave, articulate Tariq Ramadan, the grandson and heir of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. With 6 million viewers watching, Sarkozy asked Ramadan, famed as an Islamic version of a Euro-Communist, if he agreed with his brother Hani Ramadan—who had argued, in line with Muslim law, that adulterous women should be stoned to death. Pressed to agree or disagree without obfuscation, Ramadan, his Western facade crumbling, said he favored a “moratorium” on such stoning. Sarkozy responded with anger, “A moratorium?” He went on to mock the Islamists’ leftist apologists. “If it is regressive not to want to stone women, I avow that I am a regressive.”

Yeah, I cringed a bit at the "affirming France’s Enlightenment heritage" bit, but even that aside, at least we have a European leader with the stones to stand up to the murderous moslems. Here's a European Head of State (other than the Pope) that's actually proud of his European Christian heritage. What a shocker. And forget about that "Old Europe" crap. Possibly, the "New Europe's" doo-dads are about to fall.

Even though the new French President isn't exactly going to be nominated as the Knights of Columbus Man of the Year, he's publicly stated "I am of Catholic culture, Catholic tradition, Catholic faith," in his 2005 book, "The Republic, Religions and Hope." "Even if my religious practice is episodic, I acknowledge myself as a member of the Catholic Church". Hey, at least the guy's up front.

He's also said in an April 21 interview with France's Catholic weekly, Famille Chretienne (Christian Family), he said Christianity had "seen the birth" of the French nation, and contributed "an immense patrimony of cultural, moral, intellectual and spiritual values." However, he added that he would not "call into question the institution of marriage" or support adoption rights for same-sex couples, and would also seek extended *palliative care [for incurable diseases] as an alternative to euthanasia. Rudy Giuliani, are you listening?

OK, all that neat stuff aside, it's pretty obvious that Sarkozy has the guts to be the political muscle for a Christian Re-Awakening of Europe. But I don't think it'll be a soulless one.

His Holiness Pope Benedict can be the religious muscle. He's planted the seeds of the theological and ecclesiastical version of "everything old is new again" phenomenon that's just started to catch on throughout the continent. That's right folks... that lil' ol' thang called the Motu Proprio, otherwise known as "Catholics acting like Catholics".

What Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan were to the downfall of the former Soviet Union, Pope Benedict XVI and President Nicolas Sarkozy can be to the re-birth of a Christian Europe. If it's not too late, of course.

Our Lady of Covadonga, ora pro nobis.

*Relieving or soothing the symptoms of a disease or disorder.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Daddy, Tell Me The Fairy Tale About How islam Is a Religion Of Peace
Once upon a time, there was a terrorist baby-rapist named mohammed...

Remember this headline next time someone refers to islam as a "Religion of Peace";

Rushdie knighthood 'justifies suicide attacks'

- Muslim Council of Britain says knighthood a final insult from departing prime Minister Tony Blair.

David Batty and Peter Walker
Monday June 18, 2007
Guardian Unlimited

The award of a knighthood to the author Salman Rushdie justifies suicide attacks, a Pakistani government minister said today.

"This is an occasion for the 1.5 billion Muslims to look at the seriousness of this decision," Mohammed Ijaz ul-Haq, religious affairs minister, told the Pakistani parliament in Islamabad. "The west is accusing Muslims of extremism and terrorism. If someone exploded a bomb on his body he would be right to do so unless the British government apologises and withdraws the 'sir' title."

After his comments were reported on local news stations, Mr ul-Haq told MPs that his aim had been to look into the root causes of terrorism. The comments follow other condemnation of the award for Rushdie, whose novel The Satanic Verses provoked worldwide protests over allegations that it insulted Islam.

He received the knighthood for services to literature in the Queen's birthday honours list published on Saturday. Earlier today Pakistani MPs demanded Britain withdraw Rushdie's knighthood. A government-backed resolution condemning the author's knighthood was passed unanimously by the lower house of the Pakistani parliament amid angry protests across the country.

MPs said the honour was an insult to the religious sentiments of Muslims. In the eastern city of Multan, hardline Muslim students burned effigies of the Queen and Rushdie, chanting "Kill him! Kill him!"

Religion of Peace, my ass. Gutter religion is more like it.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ode To Mike Nifong
Sung to the tune of "Close To You" by The Carpenters

Made up crimes suddenly appear
Every time
you are near

and Friends want to be
Suing You

Why's a charge falling from the sky?
These three boys
Must you fry?

and Friends want to be
Suing You

On the day that broad yelled rape
the DA's got together
And decided to create a crime come true
So they withheld facts and evidence:
DNA, exculpatory, too

Dud-a-la dump

Dud-a-la dump

That is why
the lawyers they have found *they have found*
Follow you *follow you*
All around *all around*

Not Guilty
They're going to be
Suing you

Suing you

Suing you
Two New Priests
For the Latin Mass

Hat Tip to Prevat2

The link to Kansas City Catholic describes a beautiful ordination two days ago for new priests belonging to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (ICKSP). This order of priests, much like their brothers in the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), has been around for less then twenty years, but have a greater number of young men seeking admittance to their seminaries then most American Novus Ordo seminaries combined! (As a side note, these are the first ICKSP ordinations in the U.S. Most are held in their main seminary, located in Italy.)

Both Archbishop Raymond Burke (St. Louis, MO) and Bishop Robert Finn (Kansas City, MO) celebrated this Pontifical High Mass. These two great American bishops (along with Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, NE), are staunch supporters of tradition, and these traditional orders of priests. Too bad the rest of our bishops are not of like mind.

Open the link and spend some time looking at the incredible photos of what, for most Roman Catholics, is only a distant memory of what we once were.
Still No Response
Hey... I tried

The *IHTC Fairy has been busy. The Malevolent Winged One has thrown it's Evil Fairy Dust into the eyes of certain readers of the scrawlings on The Lair wall. Silly Ittic Fairy!

Anyhow, more than a few days ago, I posted a story concerning the following headline from the News Service ~ Homosexual Activist Sends Three More Bullets and 2nd Death Threat for Pro-Marriage Bishop

I opened the door for the active homosexual community and the heterosexuals who support and/or defend them, to speak out against this supposed "lone activist". Specifically, here's a bit of what I posted;

Now back to the supposedly lone Homofacist who wants to intimidate (murder?) the good Bishop over in Italy.... here's the $64,000 question; where's the outrage from the "mainstream" active homosexual community? Seriously. I haven't heard a peep. They want to be taken seriously so bad they can taste it, but when it comes to one of their own making none too subtle death threats... the silence is deafening.

I waited for a response. And waited.... and waited. Know how many ComBox comments I got from the active homosexual community and their straight defenders denouncing said homosexual activist? Go ahead, guess.

I'll tell you how many... zip, zilch, nada, goose egg, squat, bupkis. Rest assured, I've gotten plenty of ComBox postings stating that I'm such things as a fascist, bigot, ranting hate-monger, etc. Silly rabbits. Don't they know that it's a damn sight quicker for me to do just one click to delete their fairly lengthy hate-notes than it is for them to type them? Must be all that Evil Fairy Dust chucked in their eyes.

And yes, I can already hear the heads exploding in anger of phallophiles everywhere. So before you folks start sending me your hate mail, allow me to remind you of these painfully simple obvious observations that you've missed:

1. I am the proverbial sledgehammer used to kill the fly. If you don't like what I have to say, too bad. Don't come to The Lair. Yes, it really is as simple as that.

2. Even more important, I never would have put up this posting if even one of you would have said something... anything... against the so-called "Gay Activist" who threatened the life of Archbishop Bagnasco. All of you sneered down your collective noses at me and told me what a lousy Catholic I am for speaking out against active homosexuality. But not one of you, NOT ONE, even had the guts to say even one word against one of your own who threatened the life of a Catholic Archbishop.

Their true colors are showing, and it really pisses 'em off that someone's called them out on it.

* I Hate The Cavemen

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Would We Expect Any Less From The Head Jackass In The Senate?
Is it be asking too much to just let General Pace beat Harry Reid to death with his bare hands?
Helmet tip to my buddy, Jay over at Pro Ecclesia (who has the full story)

Head Defeatocrat, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently referred to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Peter Pace, USMC, as "incompetent". Here's the bottom line of what Reid said;

WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid confirmed Thursday that he told liberal bloggers last week that he thinks outgoing Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Peter Pace is "incompetent."... Reid said he told Pace face-to-face recently that he had performed poorly as an adviser on the conduct of the Iraq war.

Could Reid be more of an idiot? Probably not. Besides the fact that the likes of a small man such as Harry Reid doesn't even rate to carry General Pace's jock strap, even a dullard of Reid's rather small caliber should realize that the various Joint Chiefs are NOT Operational Theater Commanders (CENTCOM, SOCOM, PACOM, EUCOM, etc). The job description of the JCS is essentially the following;

1. Beg Congress for more money.

2. Occasionally sign off on some new uniform reg.

3. Grovel to Congress for more money.

4. Attend cocktail parties.

5. Plead with Congress for more money.

6. Banging their heads against the wall for turning down an Operational Command for DC Duty instead.

7. Putting up with idiots like Harry Reid.

Basically, the Theater Commanders have operation control, and the JCS have administrative control. Hell, I'm just a beat-up old retired Master Sergeant of Marines, and even I know that.

So why does Reid take a swipe at Gen. Pace for the conduct of the war in Iraq? Is Reid really that stupid that he doesn't know that the Chairman of the JCS has absolutely no say-so on the conduct of any given Theater of Operation? On second thought... I'll bet even the likes of Harry Reid knows this. I think he said what he said just so he could take a cheap shot at General Pace.

Harry Reid, you're a very petty, small and pitiable wretch. And you really are lucky that the likes of Pete Pace hasn't handed you your ass. God knows he should.
You Mean This Guy ISN'T Gonna Back Down?
Beisbol been beddy, beddy goo' to me ~ Chico Esquela

Nothing like a benches clearing almost-fight to wake up a pitching duel.

In this corner, standing 6' 10", and weighing in at 260 lbs, from San Diego, California, starting pitcher Chris "I Ain't Takin' Any Of Your Crap" Young. In this corner, big-mouth Derreck Lee of the Chicago Cubs.

Here's what's up... yesterdays game (a 4-1 loss for my beloved Padres) featured Cubbies slugger Alfonso Soriano slap a tater. Ok, that kinda stuff happens. But then Soriano had to hot dog it up when he stood there for a moment or two and decided to "admire" the ball heading outta the park. To add insult to injury, he then took his first handful of strides towards 1st base running backwards. Talk about your Bush League stunts.

Needless to say, that didn't go over well with the Padres. Soriano was called out by both Padres pitchers Jake Peavy and Boomer Wells. Anyhow, in today's game, Young hit Lee in the wrist with a pitch. As Lee was heading towards first, it was obvious (reading his lips) that Young asked him "you OK?". Lee responded with "that was on purpose". Young waved his glove towards first, then mouthed "just take your base". Lee then rushed Young.

No one landed any punches of note. Just your typical shove and bark baseball "fight". With the exception of Jake Peavy, who jumped on Lee's back and started choking him. I guess Tommy Boy was right --- Brothers Gotta Hug!

But what I really enjoyed watching... after the intitial flurry of punches, Lee juke hard to the right and jump (hide) behind his manager, Lou Pinella, and then Lee did that whole "HOLD ME BACK, HOLD ME BACK!" drama.

Oh, and it sure was sweet to see Branyan slap a solo tater in the top of the 9th to take the lead and eventually win 1-0.


My Predictions For The Motu Proprio
History will repeat itself

The news reports are coming in fast and furious... even the Secretary of State for the Vatican has stated that the Motu Proprio's release is imminent.

OK, so what happens when it IS released? One thing you can bank on, things won't magically be fixed overnight. It took 40+ years for things to get this screwed-up... it'll take decades to get things back to even a semblance of what The Church once was. Especially in light that many of the hierarchy here in America pissed away any credibility they may have had when most of them decided to protect kiddie-raping "priests".

We can only shudder in horror as we try to fathom how long it will take to erase the damage done by Bishop Ifeelyourpain, Father Nospine and Sister Mary Liberated. And how many decades will go by before Cardinal Mahony's monstrosity of a "cathedral", otherwise known as The Raj Mahal, will eventually fall into disrepair?

Like I said, don't count on things getting squared-away any time soon. If anything, things will get worse (short term anyhow).

Here's why I say this ~ Many of the French and German bishops are on the verge of bolting. A number of American bishops are right behind them. We wouldn't be hard pressed to find Austrian, Canadian, Swiss or Australian bishops who also fall right in line with the "The Spirit of Vatican II is being dismantled by the right-wing throw-backs!" crowd. I know I'm not the only one who's caught wind of local "progressive" priests who've stated "[when the Motu Proprio comes out] I'll never allow THAT Mass to be said in MY parish!".

Bottom line, the Roman Protestants are uber-pissed, and they're about to pitch a hissy-fit of Biblical proportions. But fret not fellow bloglodytes... We've seen all this before. History has the nasty habit of repeating itself, you know.

I predict that when the Roman Protestants present day finally do jump ship, they'll take roughly one third of the world's Catholics with them. Much like the Protestant Revolt of the 1500's - Luther, Calvin, Zwingli and the rest of the Ecclesiastical Gangsters took roughly one third of Europe's Catholics with them. With that in mind, remember what we have from the Douay-Rheims Bible;

The Apocalypse of St. John (Revelation), 12:4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth.

Like I said, history has a nasty was of repeating itself.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Gee, Lets See If I Can Figure THIS One Out
I'm sure that St. Ignatius is thrilled to bits by the following headline -

Jesuit order diminishing in numbers

Rome, Jun. 14, 2007 ( - The Jesuit order diminished in size by 364 men in 2006, the Fides news service reports. n the last calendar year, 486 men joined the Society of Jesus. But 472 Jesuits died, and 378 men left the religious order, accounting for the drop in numbers.

There are 19,216 Jesuits in the world today, by the latest count. The average age among Jesuits worldwide is now over 57.

So why are the Jesuits in such decline? Could it be:

A. The total embrace of everything heretical?

B. The Order that was once known as The Pope's Soldiers has now become The Smoke of Satan incarnate?

C. That Jesuits have gone from this (Mass for US Marines atop Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima as celebrated by a Jesuit Chaplain);
to this ("Father" Saju George, SJ);
D. All of the above

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rick Monday
A Real American Hero

31 years ago, Rick Monday, the center fielder for the Chicago Cubs (and veteran of the US Marine Corps), saw two individuals come onto the field during a game versus the LA Dodgers. Monday saw them lay Old Glory on the ground and then douse it with lighter fluid. They kept lighting matches, but the wind kept blowing them out. Monday decided to take matters into his own hands and save our flag.

Job well done, Marine.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Timing Is Simply Amazing...
And I get to add a new word to my repertoire

Yesterday I did a posting on how both Former Altar Boy and myself are Homotaedets. Now I see that a news story hit on the very same day proclaiming to the world the following;

Homosexual Activist Sends Three More Bullets and 2nd Death Threat for Pro-Marriage Bishop (Click here for entire story)

OK, so there's a lone Homofacist on the loose who wants to off a particular bishop because said bishop is against so-called "homosexual civil unions". Sheesh... two death threats and a handful of bullets. That doesn't sound very gay, now does it?

Now let's put all that aside for the moment. Do I think that ALL homosexuals feel like this one Hissy-O-Gram sending individual? I don't know.

A couple things I do know... The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence get more than a few hits by just typing those words on an image search engine, not to mention the support they get from the active Sodomite Community. Could anyone even imagine the outrage if the "Sisters" all put on black-face to parody Blacks, or wore yarmulkes and had fake extra long side-burns to make fun of Hassidic Jews? But they're going after the Catholic Church... so it's OK. Everyone looks the other way.

I also know that we can't open a newspaper, turn on a TV, or listen to a radio without having the homosexual agenda shoved in our collective faces. As I've said before, why do they try soooooo hard to make their private lives public?

Now back to the supposedly lone Homofacist who wants to intimidate (murder?) the good Bishop over in Italy.... here's the $64,000 question; where's the outrage from the "mainstream" active homosexual community? Seriously. I haven't heard a peep. They want to be taken seriously so bad they can taste it, but when it comes to one of their own making none too subtle death threats... the silence is deafening.

But what do you expect from individuals who consider their own fecally stained erections to be their moral compass?
Are The Cavemen "Homophobic"?
It's been said!!

To the right is a photo taken of one of the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence", a homosexual group that loves to dress up as over-the-top garish versions of Catholic nuns. A true insult aimed directly at God's Church if ever there was one.

Anyhow, if either of the Cavemen were to ever have the bad manners to say a word against these individuals and the disgusting lifestyle that they advocate, you can bet that we'd be labeled "homophobes" quicker than the AIDS virus can mutate.

Keeping in mind that the context that "homophobe" is used, it's used towards those who stand-up against those who strive to mainstream homosexuality as if it's something normal and should be accepted. The "active" homosexuals, if you will.

As I've said many a time on this blog, those who are stricken with homosexuality who also strive to live celibatly, because they realize that active homosexuality is just plain sinful, should be congratulated and given our full support.

However, those who attempt to portray the Sin of Sodom as "normal" and "correct" are vile and deviant human beings. Don't you dare make a vain attempt to categorize us as "afraid" of active homosexuals (phobic).

If anything... we're Homotaedet. One's who are disgusted by active homosexuality.

By the way, as the picture to the right wonderfully illustrates, why do these people scream so loud to make their private lives public? Hell, I thought they just wanted to be left alone. Guess I was wrong.

After all, I'm not the one with "Faggot" tattooed across my back.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I've Been Tagged
Now if I can just keep from getting bagged

The fair Cate over at Caeli Et Terrae just got me with the following meme;

Personal Policies Meme

Here are the official guidelines:

"I think it would be safe to say that we all have personal rules that we live by. Surely it's not just ME. I'm not talking about moral rules, like "Do not kill." I'm talking about the silly policies we impose on ourselves, like "Never eat anything you can't identify," or "Don't step on sidewalk cracks." For some reason, I started mentally listing the quirky rules I follow and got curious about other people's personal rules. Hey, why not start a meme?"

And I freely borrowed from a posting I did when I first started this blog, so here are The Cavemen Personal Policies;

~ It's required to quote every line to The Quiet Man until Mrs. Caveman throws something at me and yells "shut-up, I'm trying to watch the movie!"

~ One is expected to crying at certain movies. Who amongst us didn't cry when the Drill Instructor got shot in Full Metal Jacket?

~ Three junk drawers is the minimal accepted number.

~ Certain liberal parishes deserve to have made up and rather insulting names, such as Innacurate Deception, St. Missed The Mark, The Sacred Strip Mall, etc.

~ The man has absolute power over the remote control by Divine Right.

~ A home repair kit that consists of a ball peen hammer and a roll of duct tape is deemed adequate. Oh, and butter knives are acceptable substitutes for flat-head screrwdrivers.

~ Interrogating your daughter's boyfriend with a ball peen hammer and a roll of duct tape is deemed acceptable. Oh, and butter knives, too.

~ Nothing wrong with mumbling your way through portions of certain songs where you're not quite sure of the lyrics, then screaming the words you do know in the hopes that you've just fooled everyone into believing that you really do know all the words.

~ It's required to tapping the gas nozzle against the opening of the gas tank, just so you can get EVERY LAST DROP of gas. Why is it only guys who do that? Must be something urinary.

~ Speaking of urine, it's mandatory to pee into a jar when driving coast-to-coast. God forbid you actually stop and whiz. After all, "gotta make better time and beat the traffic".

~ Speaking of driving coast-to-coast, it's required to hit the interstate no later that 0430 so we "can make better time and beat the traffic".

~ No one should have to pick up the dog poop in your back yard because it's rationalized that you're "just fertilizing the grass".

~ The last hard and fast policy ... there absolutely is a God. He gave us The Catholic Church. He sends His Holy Mother to us from time to time to let us know what's on His mind. It might be a good idea to listen to her.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Winner Of The "Allow Me To Crap On Your Shoes & Call It A Spit Shine" Award
Bishop Dale Melczek of Gary, Indiana

Whilst celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Diocese of Gary, Indiana, the bishop there stated the following;

Bishop Dale Melczek said lay members of the diocese are more involved in their faith today. "Even though we have fewer priests now than we did 50 years ago, I think we have a more vibrant church than we did 50 years ago," Melczek said.

Melczek, a Detroit native who has led the diocese since 1992, expects to see even greater involvement from members.

Didn't I do a posting a few months back entitled "The Day Catholic Priests Became Eucharistic Sperm Donors"? I sure did.

If I may be so bold as to point out to the learned bishop, most of the Sacraments require a .......... you guessed it. A priest. I could give a Tinkers Damn less about how many of the Laity are "involved".

If I may be even bolder to the learned bishop, (with very few exceptions) here's a real simple equation that even a child could understand;

Salvation = Catholic Church + Catholic Sacraments + Catholic Priests

To paraphrase the late, great Anna Haycraft; Bishop Melczek is taking something pure and strong, mixing it up with something weak and polluted, slashing it about, watching The Church fall apart around him and then congratulating himself on his progress.
Molochite Catholics
Not the legitimate Melkite Catholics... but the bastard Molochite Catholics

A sad statistic from my home state. From The California Catholic Daily;
“Molochite Catholics”
Eighty percent of California Catholics in the U.S. House defied the Church by voting in favor of the sacrifice of children for embryonic stem cell research

In ancient times, pagans and idolatrous Israelites offered human sacrifices by throwing babies and young children into fires as holocaust offerings to the false god Moloch. In A.D. 2007, neo-pagan and idolatrous “Molochite Catholics” are determined to offer young children -- individual human beings in the embryonic stage of their lives -- as sacrifices to the possibility that cannibalizing their stem cells will provide cures for other human beings.

On June 7, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 247-176 to pass Senate Bill 5, sponsored by Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, allowing human embryonic stem cell research. California’s congressional delegation, the nation’s largest, voted 41-11 to pass the bill. Sixteen of the 41 identify themselves as “Catholic” -- 15 Democrats and one Republican.

Not one California Democrat, regardless of religious affiliation, voted against this modern-day version of child sacrifice. Of the seven Republicans who voted in favor of Reid’s bill, one identifies himself as Catholic.

Altogether, 16 of California’s 20 Catholics in the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of embryonic stem cell research. Just four Catholics, all Republicans, opposed the bill.

Thus, 80 percent of California Catholics in the U.S. House voted against the clear, unequivocal teachings of the Catholic Church, in which they claim membership. If the 16 “Molochite Catholics” who voted for child sacrifice had voted instead to follow the teachings of their Church, the vote of the California congressional delegation would have been 27-25 against the bill.

Catholic Democrats voting in favor of the bill:
Joe Baca, San Bernardino
Xavier Becerra, Los Angeles
Dennis Cardoza, Merced, Modesto, Stockton
Jim Costa, Fresno, Bakersfield
Anna Eshoo, Palo Alto
Gerald McNerney, Pleasanton
George Miller, Concord, Richmond, Vallejo
Grace F. Napolitano, Santa Fe Springs
Nancy Pelosi, San Francisco
Lucy Roybal-Allard, Los Angeles
Linda Sanchez, Cerritos
Loretta Sanchez, Garden Grove
Ellen Tauscher, Walnut Creek, Antioch, Fairfield
Mike Thompson, Napa, Fort Bragg, Eureka, Woodland
Diane Watson, Los Angeles

Anyone care to lay a bet that absolutely nothing will happen to any of these "Catholic" politicians? Anyone?? And it's also simply beyond me how any faithful Catholic could even associate themselves with the Democratic Party.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Spirit Of Luther Is Alive And Well In Germany
...and we brought this on ourselves by pandering to these idiots for the past 40 years

German priests reject Vatican directive on translation
Rottenburg, Jun. 8, 2007 ( - Priests in Rottenburg, Germany have voted to reject the Vatican translation of the phrase pro multis in the Eucharistic liturgy, the news service reports. The priests' council of the Rottenburg-Stuttgart diocese announced that the members had decided by a "democratic vote," to retain the current German translation of pro multis as "for all."

The council dismissed a directive from the Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship. Cardinal Francis Arinze, the prefect of the Congregation, wrote to the world's bishops last November, announcing that all translations of the liturgy should render pro multis as "for many"-- a translation that is more faithful to the Latin text and to the theological reality that while Christ's redemptive suffering makes salvation available to all, it does not follow that all men are saved.

The Rottenburg priests argued that the use of "for many" would be confusing to the faithful "in this day and age." They added that the original Scriptural text read "for all," citing as their authority a Protestant scholar of the 18th century whose analysis the Catholic Church has rejected. "The promise of salvation is directed to all people," the German priests said. "This truth of the faith is put most clearly in the 'for all.'"

"The promise of salvation..."? Ladies and gentlemen, that's the heresy of Universalism. Sheesh, why should I even bother to be Catholic?

In light that these German "Catholic priests" reject the changing of a few words to the Mass of Paul VI, how do you think they'll react when this happens;

Cardinal Bertone announces Latin Mass to be universally authorized “soon”
Vatican City, Jun 4, 2007 / 10:50 am (CNA) - In an interview published this Sunday by the Italian Catholic daily “Avvenire”, the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, announced that the Motu Propio authorizing the universal celebration of the Mass of St. Pius V—known as the Tridentine Mass—will be made public “soon.”
All This Talk About Ribbons!
See post below

Saturday, June 09, 2007

-ANOTHER Ribbon!!??
What Hath Tony Orlando & Dawn Wrought?

In this day and age of everyone is a victim... I've come across the Oh-Woe-Is-Me to end all Oh-Woe-Is-Me websites; the Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation.

Unlike the Spirit of Vatican II Catholic Community parody blog, this one's for real (or is it? Hmmm...).

I couldn't help but laugh out loud as I read their "Don't Be a Victim!" page (my comments in red);

With the number of goat traumas increasing every year, it has become necessary to take measures to protect yourself. With this in mind, the Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation has put together this list of advice.

~ Avoid petting zoos. The majority of goat traumas occurring each year take place at petting zoos.
[Noooooo..... I thought they took place on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.]

~ Stay alert. Goats are deceitful and can hide just about anywhere. [Are those the Recon Goats that the Marine Corps has been experimenting with?]

~ Stay in civilized areas. While there have been reports of roaming urban goats, most attacks by loose goats take place in less populated areas. ["Urban goats"? *snap, snap, snap, snap* When you're a goat, you're a goat all the way. From you're first cigarette 'till your last dyin' day...]

~ Be suspicious of all farm animals. While other animals such as sheep, cows and horses are not by any means the violent creatures that goats are, goats frequently lurk within a herd, waiting to take advantage of peoples' trust in such animals. [Much like used care salesmen... or Roman Protestants.]

~ There have been some reports of goats avoiding the presence of certain breeds of dogs, but the Foundation has yet to test this theory. [Mind if I save you a few thousand dollars? Ask a shepherd. *Jeez! What dumb-asses!!! *]

~ If you must be in an area where goats are present, stay away from the younger goats. Older goats can be slower, allowing you more time to escape. [Hangin' out with goats that are wheelchair bound is your best bet.]

~ Wearing earth tones in goat-infested areas may offer some protection from goat attack, due their camoflaging abilities. [Again with the Recon Goats.]

~ We have recently learned that goats have learned to climb trees and drop down onto unsuspecting people. [Geronimo!!! Or would that be Goatronimo? And why do I have this mental image of bleating Long Duc Dong with horns falling out of a tree?]

For the love of God, people... we're talking goats in a petting zoo, not lions on the African veldt.

Jeez, allow me to break it down for you, Caveman style;

~ If semi-domesticated barnyard animals scare the hell outta your toddler. Don't take 'em to petting zoos. Yes, it really is that simple.

~ If your semi-domesticated toddler has the guts enough to brave the scary, scary world of petting zoos, stay with your child. Semi-domesticated barnyard animals are just that; semi-domesticated. Emphasis on the word "semi".

~ If your kid does get his ass knocked loose by a rampaging goat, here's your big chance to teach Junior a life-lesson: tell him to stand up, brush himself off, rub some dirt on the boo-boo, and suck it up.

~ Either that, or you can turn the Drama-O-Meter up to 11 and make a big what-to-do about Junior getting his ass knocked loose, plaster him with Goat-Trauma.Org bumper stickers, and teach him to be a victim for the rest of his life. Yes, it really is that simple.


Looks like I swallowed this one hook, line and sinker. It's a parody blog. And a well done one at that! Good job Goat-Trauma.Org people!
If All They Wanted Was That...
Then why did they dumb-it-down?

In a post titled "Missal Envy" from about a year and a half ago... and seeing that the Traditional Latin Mass has been in the news so much as of late, I thought I'd bring this up again.

You know, I've always heard the mantra from the self-proclaimed Reformers that the wonderful reason as to why The Church so much as dumped Liturgical Latin when The Mass of Paul VI (The New Mass/Novus Ordo Mass) was instituted, was so the various peoples of the world could understand the Mass in their own native language.

OK... I understand that. I strongly disagree with their rationale, but I understand.

With that said, why didn't the Reformers just take the vernacular side of the Latin Mass missal and institute that in the various nations of the world? That seems like a common sense approach. The left-hand side of my Latin Mass missal is in English, the right-hand side is in Latin. Just publish the modern-day language side of the Latin missal by itself and call it The Mass of Paul VI or The New Mass or whatever fancy-shmancy name you want to call it.

Yeah, that would seem like a reasonable solution. But wait... turns out that offering Mass in the native tongue isn't exactly what the Reformers were after. I invite everyone to click here for a missal comparison between the English translations of the Mass of Pius V (Traditional Latin Mass) and the Mass of Paul VI (The New Mass).

Which one seems simplistic, watered-down, barren, theologically economical, individual-centered? Which one is spiritually deep, reverend, inspires the sacred, rich, God-centered?

But hey... we're so fortunate to have Bishop Donald Trautman of Erie, PA (who is also the Chairman of the USCCB's Committee on the Liturgy) to edjumacate us ignorami who are too stupid to understand the difference between "for many" and "for all". Lucky us.

You know, I enjoy Vienna Sausage as much as the next Caveman. I'll knock back a can every now and then. I hear you can even pretty it up with others foods. Vienna Sausage is actually good for ya! Packed with protein and all that good stuff.

But if I had my 'druthers, I'll take the Filet Mignon, please.

Friday, June 08, 2007

No Longer a Practicing Catholic
I get it.

Recently, I was listening to a guest on a radio talk show when the host, a friendly, referred to the guest as a “practicing Catholic.” The guest corrected him and said, “No, I’m not. I get it.”

The host didn’t “get it” and asked for clarification. The guest explained he had understood and accepted the teaching of the Church for some time, so he considered himself “a Catholic” rather than someone just “practicing” at it.

Semantics, you might say. But the man had a point. Words have power and no one knows that better than the journalists who use words to make a living. For just one example, note how the liberal press paints us as the bad guys in the fight for the unborn. We’re referred to as “anti-abortion” (granted, some papers call us “pro-life”) and those in favor of killing unborn babies are called “pro-choice.”

The guest went on to ask his host why Jewish people who attended services and obeyed the other dictates of their religion are called “observant Jews” but Catholics who do likewise in their faith are termed “practicing?”

Good point.

From now on call me "an observant Catholic."
Real Men Of Genius, Well... Not Really
You know, the Bud Light kind

The Lair of the Catholic Cavemen presents: Real Men of Apostasy
- - *singing* Real Men of Apostasy

We Salute you, Mr. Spirit-of-Vatican-II-Roman-Protestant-Guy
- - Mr.-Spirit-of-Vatican-II-Roman-Protestant-Guy

You're doing what Martin Luther couldn’t do. Destroy The Catholic Church from within. And in just 40 years!
- - I can out-Luther Luther!

So what was it, his rejection of most of the Sacraments? His exhortation to Sin Boldly? Or just his funny hat?
- - I dig that funky hat!

Possibly you just hate Liturgical Latin.
- - Ipso Facto, Hocus Pocus!

Could it be that you could care less what the Second Vatican Council really said, or is it that you think "the spirit" of Vatican II is all that's really important? Either way, you're leading souls to hell.
- - Damn, it's getting warm!

And you just keep screaming like a spoiled child for womyn priests, abortion on demand, and homosexual marriage.
- - My well-formed conscience dictates!

So crack open a cold one, Mr.-Spirit-of-Vatican-II-Roman-Protestant-Guy. 'Cause now you're the new Martin Luther.
- - Mr.-Spirit-of-Vatican-II-Roman-Protestant-Guy

Lair of the Catholic Cavemen Brewing Company - Akita, Fatima, Lourdes, Rome.
Revere The Animal, Sacrifice The Human
Pagans amongst us

Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, a Democrat from Van Nuys, California is one swell guy.

From The California Catholic Daily;

He's the sponsor of the California Healthy Pets Act, which would require all Californians to spay and neuter their dogs and cats. Levine noted that “in California every year, we have about 1 million dogs and cats entering animal shelters, we have 50% or more of those being euthanized.”

Levine said he sponsored the bill “from a humanitarian standpoint” and because he is “an animal lover, so much so that I think it would be irresponsible to own pets...”

Bob Barker must be tickled pink. But wait... there's more!

Levine has also shown his “compassion” by co-sponsoring a bill to legalize physician-assisted suicide. So saith Levine ~

"What we have found, according to all the polling data, is that a minimum of 65 percent of people support this -- whether it's Catholics, Jews, Republicans, Democrats, or independents, they all overwhelmingly support this." [emphasis mine]

I sure would like to know what Catholics "overwhelmingly support" this particular form of murder.

Wait... I know. It must be that "the 'spirit' of Vatican II says that I can damn well do whatever 'my well formed conscience' says I damn well want to do" crowd. After all, Assemblyman Levine's district is within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. And we all know what a freak-show that is.