Sunday, November 06, 2011

Politico's smear campaign against Herman Cain sputters, derails
Factual information vindicates Cain

Amid rising calls for the NRA (National Restaurant Association) to lift the confidentiality agreement signed over a decade ago by Herman Cain's accusers, some interesting facts have very recently come to light.

~ The Washington Post is reporting that the the NRA has agreed to waive the confidentiality agreement signed by the involved parties involved in the accusations against Cain.

~ But the NRA also states that Cain was never one of the signatories, thus proving his claim that he was never involved with the legalistic intricacies.

~ One of the accusers lawyer, Joel P. Bennett, has stated that his client "would not be revealing further details regarding her story," causing more than a few Cain supporters to ask "why not?"



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