Saturday, November 19, 2011

Balls forbidden in Canadian school
Keep it spongy...

CTV of Canada is reporting that the students at Earl Beatty Jr. and Sr. Public School in Toronto are banned from having hard balls at their disposal for purposes of amusement or recreation while at school.

With the exception of spongy Nerf-style balls, everything from volleyballs to baseballs to tennis balls are now classified as strictly verboten.



Blogger Bear-i-tone said...

I don't support the decision, but I can tell where it comes from. The school is afraid they will get sued if any of their students suffers any injury. Schools all over the world are making absurd bans against paper airplanes and conkers, not because anyone has been hurt but because someone might be hurt. They are acting against hypothetical dangers not to protect the children but to protect themselves, and make children's lives a little more boring.

In an addendum, the kids at the school started a "give us our balls back!" (that's a quote) petition.

11:10 AM  

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