Saturday, October 15, 2011

We are the 53%

I keep hearing the Flea Baggers of Lower Manhattan's Zuccotti Park tell the world they are "The 99%", whatever that's suppose to mean.

Just taking a stab at it, I guess that means I'm not a millionaire... even if I do use ObaMath.

You know, anyone who makes $250,000 a year is now magically and mystically categorized as a millionaire.

Whoops, Sorry For The Divagation...

But I digress -- I may technically be part of the 99% that the Bong Throng (Turd Herders, Slob Mob, Reefer Riff-Raff, Balmy Commies... whatever moniker they're going by now) loves to carp about, but not when you really get down to it.



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