Monday, September 12, 2011

Local youth remember 9-11 with pain and sweat

Wilmington's Lewis kids come from a long line of those who serve others... and proud of it.

Dad (Tom) is a Navy vet as well as a retired New York City police officer, and mom (Tara) is a former Emergency Room nurse.

Both sides of the family have generations worth of both New York cops and fire fighters, as well as members of the Armed Forces, with a heavy emphasis towards the Marine Corps side of the equation.

Quite possibly because it's in their DNA, the oldest of the seven Lewis children, John (18); Molly (16); and Breda (15) have decided to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attack by sacrificing a little pain and more than a little sweat to let Wilmington know that patriotism is alive and well in the young people of this nation.



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