Saturday, July 23, 2011

Now NASA can focus on ensuring Muslims "feel good" about themselves

Now that the last shuttle mission is in the history books, the short and long term directions for NASA are about to change drastically.

First off, if we have any desire to head back to The Last Frontier, we now have to bum a ride from the Russians... at a cost of $50-60 million per.

Does this mean that all of our future Star Voyagers have to learn Russian? One would think.

Secondly, Obama can now have NASA give its full focus and energy to ensuring Muslims raise their self-esteem and sense of pride.

As NASA Director Charles Bolden related last year to the Al-Jazeera network; (Emphasis mine)

Read more and see video...


Blogger VSO said...

I think NASA has outlived its usefulness anyway. Are they going to reinvent Tang?

10:52 AM  

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