Saturday, July 09, 2011

British journalism at its worst, Part II

A few months ago I commented on the hard left-leaning media in Great Britain.

Not thinking they could slouch any lower, it was my distinct displeasure to read what passes for news at the Burnley Express.

In regards to a recent English Defence League demonstration in the English town of Brierfield, the Express gave the requisite definition of "right-wing group" and without fail, the description of "suspected members" was applied.

With the predictability of fisticuffs and all-around poor attitudes at the Paint Mohammed by Numbers Contest, there was scant mention of "moving cars were vandalised by an Asian heritage group."

And while I'm at it... what in the world is an "Asian heritage group"? Is that anything like the Islamabad Japatis and Beheading Appreciation Society? Just curious.



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