Thursday, July 21, 2011

Angry Muslim cabbie: "All Jewish children must die!"

Sure, we've all been bitten by road rage.

Many reasons to flip out, and just to name a few;

~ Someone cuts us off, thus causing hot coffee to spill all over our junk.

~ A blue haired lady who conceived her first child in the back seat of a Conestoga Wagon as she was crossing the Continental Divide is in the fast lane and driving 1/3d the posted speed limit.

~ In the process of slowly waking up, you realize Barack Obama is still President.

Without fail, road rage goes hand-in-hand with angry yelling.

From questioning if the offending driver really is the male child of a female dog, to the waving of various digits at the offending motorist who is the focus of your rage



Blogger scotju said...

Another damm good reason why we need to stop Muslim immigration into this country and deport all the ones we got already back to their countries of origin.

8:17 AM  

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