Thursday, June 30, 2011

Britain surrendered sovereignty, now must keep criminals

Would you like to have a convicted heroin and coke dealer living next door to you?

How about someone who is not only a convicted burglar, but has also been found guilty of communicating a threat to commit murder?

That's exactly what Abdisamad Adow Sufi and Abdiaziz Ibrahim Elmi have been found guilty of.

OK... and?

It turns out these two Somalian less-than-stellar performers were arrested, tried and convicted in Britain for the aforementioned crimes, by the way - which were committed on British soil.

For once, British authorities utilized some common sense and attempted (the key word here is "attempted") to deport these maggots right back to their homeland of Dungheapistan.

Oh, but our lil' story has a few twists in it.

Turns out Sushi and Elmo, or whatever their names are, ended up airing their menstrual discomfort to some judicial abortion better known as the European Court of Human Rights.



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