Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Terrorists Have Rights Too" and other liberal droolings

It turns out that hand wringing, brain dead, testicularly-challenged wimps that work for newspapers aren't limited just to the United States.

As Germany's Der Spiegel waxed poetically;

The elimination of al-Qaida figurehead Osama bin Laden earlier this month was widely celebrated. But was it the right thing for the US to do? International law expert Kai Ambos argues that killing him was both illegal and morally dubious.For Der Spiegel to reckon that bin-Laden was simply a "figurehead" illustrates either;

a. Their total ignorance as to who it was that masterminded 9/11, plus numerous other terrorist attacks.

b. Their total contempt for the victims of 9/11, plus numerous other terrorist attacks.

c. Both.

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Blogger Green said...

They do have rights. The right to die. We should nevere deprive them of that right.

10:22 PM  
Blogger scotju said...

i'm amazed at the number of bleeding hearts who weep copious tears for Bin Laden "murder", but don't have even one for his victims. If this happened to someone they know, I'll be willing to bet they woulod be swcreaming "kill the bastard!"

2:28 PM  

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