Monday, May 16, 2011

Brit Royal slams so-called "Political Correctness"

I'm not exactly up to speed on all the ins-and-outs of royalty titles, but I tell you, that Duchess of Cornwall chick really hit one out of the park.

Possibly taking her cue from a certain purple-clad midget from Minneapolis, The Royal Formerly Known As Camilla was quoted in The Telegram of London as stating;

“Political correctness is as severe a form of censorship as any.” As those guys with the funny accents say on C-SPAN's House of Commons hour, "he-ah, he-ah!"

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Blogger Michelle Therese said...

Is this a hoax?!?!


3:57 PM  
Blogger Michelle Therese said...


Please make a Facebook page!!! Pretty please with sprinkles on top??

3:58 PM  

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