Friday, April 08, 2011

¡Viva Cristo Rey!
When Catholics fought back

The government states that a war is not a war.

The government wants all references to The Holy Trinity not only banned, but outlawed.

The government throws people in prison for publicly acknowledging Jesus Christ.

The government executes people for believing in God Almighty

Where is this place?

Some Islamist fundamentalist country in the Middle East?

A destination America is already headed towards?

How about Mexico, circa 1920s.

Read more and see video...


Blogger The Rockin' Traddy said...

Hey! Have you seen this yet? Michael Voris banned from Diocese of Scranton!

The Diocese of Scranton has determined that Mr. Voris will not be allowed to speak in a Diocesan or parish facility. After these engagements were scheduled, the Diocese became aware of concerns about this individual’s views regarding other religious groups. In videos posted on the Internet, Mr. Voris makes comments that certainly can be interpreted as being insensitive to people of other faiths. The Catholic Church teaches us to respect all people, regardless of their faith tradition.

Although the Diocese shares Mr. Voris’ support of efforts to protect human life, his extreme positions on other faiths are not appropriate and therefore the Diocese cannot host him.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

The Catholic Church teaches us to respect all people, regardless of their faith tradition.

I have been listening to Mr. Voris for quite some time. He has been critical of Protestantism and other religions but hardest on the pseudo Catholic liberals, but he has not been disrespectful of Protestants, et. al. As far as I am concerned, he can be as insensitive as he can manage to the pseudo Catholics--e.g., Catholic Call to Action and other nefarious organizations.

4:00 PM  
Blogger scotju said...

I'm going to see this movie and poop on the Diocese of Scranton for banning Michael Voris! Viva Cristo Rey and Viva Michael Voris!

6:42 PM  
Blogger Helen said...

VSC ~ After reading your article and watching the video @ Examiner I then went over to YouTube and found some exquisite videos mostly narrated in Spanish. I can speak very little Spanish but after listening to some neighbors and watching EWTN whenever we can was able to spot simple people standing up to a most evil dictator with the help of The Virgin of Guadalupe and holy priests. There were the TRUE heroes of not-too-old Mexico and if the trailer's a good indication of what to expect this might be the only movie worth seeing this year.

Ave Christus Rex et Viva Cristo Rey!!!

8:46 PM  

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