Sunday, March 06, 2011

German Interior Minister: Islam is not a key part of the German way of life

Freshly sworn-in German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich wasted little time in re-igniting Europe's incendiary multicultural controversy.

Friedrich, who was a leading member of the predominantly Roman Catholic and conservative Bavarian Christian Social Union political party, was added to Chancellor Angela Merkel's government in her recent cabinet shake up.


German police arrested a German-born but ethnically Albanian and reportedly "devout" Muslim named Arif Uta (spelled by some as Arid Uka) on charges of murdering two US Airmen and wounding two others at the Frankfurt Airport.

According to various news reports, Uta shouted the all too familiar Jihadist war cry of "Allahu Akbar" when he opened fire on the American personnel.

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Blogger scotju said...

Hey Muzzies, get a life, a Christian, Western European life!

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