Saturday, March 19, 2011

Daffy Gadaffi threatens commercial airliners

The man who looks like Carlos Santana, dresses like Lady Gaga, loves Jews as much as Mel Gibson, and as even-keeled as Charlie Sheen, has threatened civilian air traffic as well as the Mediterranean shipping lanes.

In an interview with The Telegraph of London, Gadaffi said that any use of foreign military power against him would result in "all air and maritime traffic in the Mediterranean Sea" as targets for a counter attack.

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Blogger Mona said...

I like your description of him!
All those who follow Satan seem to have that same cold, vacant look and character.
Better watch out, Daffy, before somebody drops a house on YOU. None of us escapes Divine Justice. Wouldn't conversion to The True Catholic Faith be a world-wide show-stopper? Pray for the impossible! St. Rita, ora pro nobis!

6:29 AM  

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