Monday, March 14, 2011

Australia declares war on The Vatican?

First it was San Francisco that decided to go to war with The Catholic Church, now it's certain Aussies that are none too thrilled with The Holy See.

Barney Zwartz of The Sydney Morning Herald has authored a one-sided hit job that sports the provocative headline, "Vatican survey to select bishops 'could be illegal'".

Zwartz has his panties in a wad over a confidential survey The Church has sent to various clerics that, according to Zwartz, may be in line for consideration to be elevated to the ecclesiastical rank of bishop.

According to Zwartz, the questionnaire; "...almost certainly breaches Australian anti-discrimination laws and seems designed to ensure only the most conformist candidates can be promoted." Read more...


Blogger Al said...

Good grief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am surprized that he didn't say being Catholic or male was relevant to doing the job. As you said, it isn't a job, the priesthood is a vocation.
So what does he want, someone who will destroy the Catholic Church? Probably.
My question is who leaked the questionaire? & if it was 1 of the potential candiates then strike him off the list.

1:56 AM  
Blogger Green said...

Why don't those in total dissent leave and go to one of the tens of thousands of churches out there who believe what they believe?

Asking someone being put in positions of leadership if their beliefs are in line with what the organization believes seems like it would make common sense. Promoting someone who thinks women should be priests is foolish because that can never change. Founding that out makes them more a case for removal than promotion. It seems like their concern over the questions means they are ruling out anyone who does not believe in their dissenting postions because they see those who do believe as nazis.

11:10 PM  

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