Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Please... no more Sister Mary Polyester

The Congregation of the Infant Jesus is an Order of Catholic nuns headquartered in Long Island, New York.

They are oh, so modern. One could easily mistake them for elderly Social Workers instead of Catholic nuns.

They've discarded the traditional garb of Catholic nuns, called 'habits'. They're knee-deep into Social Justice. They're all about the so-called Spirit of Vatican II.

The youngest nun is 61, and they haven't had a new member join their Order in 40 years.

To say that the Congregation of the Infant Jesus is a dying Order would be an understatement of Biblical proportions (no pun intended.)



Blogger scotju said...

The way these sisters look remind me of the way my late grandmother dressed. My granny wasn't a social worker, but she could bake a nice batch of cookies. These gals are probably just half-baked liberals!

10:07 AM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

Re: Sister Mary Polyester

You mean Sister Mary Stretch Pants? Either expression works. We have screwed up the Church so badly that it seems that the Good Lord is fixing it, i.e., letting those "progressive" religious orders wither away into oblivion.

Re: The "hard" schedule of the Dominican Sisters of Nashville

Look familiar, Cavey? Hint Hint . . . Semper Fi . . . Anchors aweigh . . . Now Reville! Reville! Up all hands! Heave out and trice up. The smoking lamp is lit. Sweepers, man your brooms. Master-at-Arms, report to the Master-at-Arms shack. Up all hands...now Reville, Reville!

No, it's not an easy life, but it is a good one! It is certainly better than that pseudo "we are gonna save the world [but destroy the Church]" attitude of the polyester set.

6:29 PM  

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