Monday, February 28, 2011

Michelle Obama - Eat as I say, not as I do

Michelle Obama has quite the habit of telling us how and what to eat.

How sad she doesn't follow her own advice (directives?).

At Sunday's Governors Meeting at the White House, the First Lady served up a meal that could have easily broken the 2,500 calorie mark.

The menu consisted of;

~ Salad of roasted pears with homemade ricotta, walnut crisps, with White House Kitchen Garden greens
~ Bread and butter
~ Local black angus beef with blue crab
~ Plantain chips
~ Black beans and rice
~ At least two glasses of wine
~ Coconut Sorbet in a chocolate shell
~ Poached tropical fruits made with White House Honey
Ahhh... and this is the same Michelle Obama that's had a team of advisers engage in talks with the National Restaurant Association in an effort to get eateries to serve smaller portions.

When did it she decide how much food we get when we're the one's paying for it?

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Sharia court lashes 14-yr-old rape victim to death

It's being reported that a 14-yr-old Bangladeshi girl, Hena Begum, died from punishment for "immoral sexuality".

According to various news reports, as the young girl slept in her home, she was kidnapped and raped by her cousin, Mahbub Khan, age 40.

When villagers responded to her cries for help, along with them came not only the local imam, but members of the village's Sharia Court, as well.

Hena was taken to the local fundamentalist Islamic school (correctly called a "Madrassa" or "Madras"), and was locked in a single room until the following day.

She was charged by the Sharia Court of "immoral sexuality" before marriage.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Troops on the battlefield to receive "Sensitivity Training"

You're not even old enough to buy a beer, far from home, and there are some rather nasty people out there in the hills that want to kill you.

Solution? Very simple - find them and kill them first.

Put a round through their head, shove your K-Bar through their rib cage, call in a mortar strike, rip their Adam's Apple out with your bare hands... whatever it takes.

Welcome to the world of your average Marine Corps enlisted man.

Training Is Continuous...

One would think that the training our troops get, especially when assigned to a combat zone, would reflect both mission accomplishment and what it takes to come home in one piece.

You know -- marksmanship, IED recognition, immediate action drills, stuff like that.

Marines are funny that way.

The Traditional Catholic Daily is Out!

Swing on by and check out my internet newspaper.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Fruits of the stimulus - and the police firings begin

The Paterson, New Jersey PD is about to can one third of its officers. Yep, Paterson's broke.

And the fact that roughly 20% of the police department earns over $100,000 a year doesn't help.

Even here in my quiet little town of Wilmington, NC, 13 new cops were brought on back in '09 for a handful of years, courtesy of the Obama Spendulus Scam.

Cops, firefighters, school teachers... the list of those hired short-term is seemingly endless.

As many of us asked when this abomination came about, what happens when the ObaBucks run out?

Absolutely and totally gutless

The Catholic Bishops of Egypt have decided not to call upon the new government to rescind Article 2 of Egypt's constitution, which declares Islam to the state religion.

Article 2 specifically states, "Islam is the religion of the state. Arabic is its official language, and the principal source of legislation is Islamic jurisprudence (Sharia)."

According to Coptic Catholic Bishop Kyrillos William of Assiut; "We will never ask for its abolition because it would [injure] the feelings of Muslims. In the future we will ask to add some assurances for the non-Muslim communities." Read more...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Saudi arrested in Texas on WMD charges - Dubya's home possible target

The Department of Justice has stated in a press release that Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, 20, a citizen of Saudi Arabia and resident of Lubbock, Texas has been arrested on a charge of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.

The DoJ states that Aldawsari was researching online how to make chemical IEDs, and had already puchased much of the chemical ingredients and hardware to complete the construction of the weaponry.

Aldawsari has also allegedly stated his wish for violent jihad and martyrdom in various blog postings as well as in his personal journal.


According to an affidavit filed in support of the criminal complaint, in a number of e-mails Aldawsari sent to himself, he conducted research on various targets and e-mailed himself information on these locations and people.

One of the documents he sent himself, with the subject line listed as “Targets,” allegedly contained the names and home addresses of three American citizens who had previously served in the U.S. military and had been stationed for a time at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

Sexually explicit children's book hits the shelves at Texas libraries

The days of hiding girlie magazines under the mattress are over, at least in the Lone Star State..

The hot spot to get the lowdown and dirty on actually getting lowdown and dirty is now available in 20-30 branches of the Texas public library system.

"My Mom's Having a Baby!" is causing quite the ruckus in the north Texas town of Carrollton.

The book reads; "The man puts his penis between the woman's legs and inside her vagina. After a while, a white liquid shoots out of the man's penis and into the woman's vagina. The liquid is full of millions of sperm."Read more and view video...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No work - no pay, Wisconsin style

Exactly how do you coax back 14 missing Democrats legislators who have fled the state, refusing to do their job?

Simple. Don't pay them until they report back to work.

That wasn't hard, now was it?

The Green Bay Press-Gazette is reporting that; "Wisconsin state senators who miss two or more session days will no longer get paid through direct deposit. They’ll have to pick up their checks in person on the Senate floor during a session." Read more...
Al "No Cred" Gore lashes out at Rush, Fox News

First Lady Michelle Obama wasn't the only one to spend the weekend in Colorado.

Former-Vice President Al Gore was in Aspen to gave the keynote address at something called The Forests at Risk: Climate Change and the Future of the American West symposium.

Without fail, Gore arrived with charts and a slide show, peddling his brand of global warming fear mongering.

Yet again, without fail, Gore attacked those who didn't look upon every utterance he's ever given as their own epiphanous moment.

Please... no more Sister Mary Polyester

The Congregation of the Infant Jesus is an Order of Catholic nuns headquartered in Long Island, New York.

They are oh, so modern. One could easily mistake them for elderly Social Workers instead of Catholic nuns.

They've discarded the traditional garb of Catholic nuns, called 'habits'. They're knee-deep into Social Justice. They're all about the so-called Spirit of Vatican II.

The youngest nun is 61, and they haven't had a new member join their Order in 40 years.

To say that the Congregation of the Infant Jesus is a dying Order would be an understatement of Biblical proportions (no pun intended.)


Monday, February 21, 2011

Obama tells Americans to skip vacations - while his family goes on vacation

In an effort to sell his $3,700,000,000,000 budget, Barack Obama recently told the American people, "If you’re a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner, or you might put off a vacation."

No sooner than the echo from his words faded, First Lady Michelle Obama and the Obama daughters jetted off to swanky Vail, Colorado for a long weekend of hitting the ski slopes.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Liberal "Catholic" priests in open rebellion to Pope Benedict

Certain Catholic priests through the world, but particularly in North America, Western Europe and Australia are fighting mad over changes Pope Benedict has made to the Mass of Paul VI, commonly known as the Novus Ordo (or 'New Mass') that came about following the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s.

Examples of Some of the Changes...

During the Confiteor, the Latin mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa is translated accurately as "through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault" and not just "through my own fault." Worshippers are also reminded to strike their breast as they say these words-a practice that has fallen into general disuse, though it is called for in the present Missal.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

71-yr-old protester dragged from Clinton speech - on the Freedom of Speech

Ray McGovern is 71-years-old.

Ray McGovern served his nation for 27 years as a CIA analyst.

Ray McGovern was bloodied, bruised and hauled off to jail when he was forcibly removed from a speech given by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The topic of Clinton's speech was on some of our most cherished rights as Americans; the freedom of speech and the freedom to peacefully protest without the threat of physical violence or intimidation.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Raleigh's Catholic Bishop has name surface on Philly Grand Jury report

Philadelphia District Attorney R. Seth Williams, a Catholic himself, has submitted a Grand Jury report in regards to the investigation of alleged sexual abuse by clergy and the subsequent cover-up and protection by officials of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

In the District Attorney's none-too-veiled efforts to show examples of the Archdiocese purposefully turning a blind eye to credible evidence, the name of Raleigh's Catholic Bishop Michael F. Burbidge, who is also the former Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia, has made its way to the Grand Jury Report.

Bishop Burbidge is not, nor has never been, personally accused of perpetrating a case of sexual abuse.

Is San Francisco at war on the Vatican?

The battle between the City of San Francisco and The Catholic Church is on its way to the Supreme Court of the United States.

In This Corner, The City of San Francisco...

In March of 2006, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of a resolution officially condemning the teachings of the Catholic Church in regards to the hard stance Catholicism has taken against participants in a homosexual relationship from adopting children.

The resolution refers to the Vatican as a foreign nation that is meddling in San Francisco's "established customs and traditions such as the right of same-sex couples to adopt..."

The Board further went on to state that the teachings of the Catholic Church are "insulting to all San Franciscans," "hateful," "insulting and callous," "defamatory," "absolutely unacceptable," "insensitive" and "ignorant."

In what many see as the most egregious point of the resolution was the calling upon of the Archbishop of San Francisco and Catholic Charities to defy church teachings and beliefs.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

ObaCare requires over 1,000 new IRS agents

The Internal Revenue Service now requires an additional 1,054 agents to ensure that American citizens comply with the new mandate that has recently been ruled as unconstitutional by a US District Court Judge.

According to the newly released IRS budget, "The ACA [Affordable Care Act] will require additional resources to build new IT systems; modify existing tax processing systems; provide taxpayer outreach and assistance services; make enhancements to notices, collections, and case management systems to address and resolve taxpayer issues timely and accurately; and conduct focused examinations to encourage compliance" Among the pressing concerns for this new host of government employees include 81 agents assigned to ensure that tanning salons pay a new 10% excise tax.

Their cost: $11.5 million.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Republican Herman Cain and tolerant, loving liberals

Just a mere handful of days ago, I posted that 2012 GOP Presidential hopeful Herman Cain stated in a speech before the Conservative Political Action Conference that fellow Blacks (of the liberal strip) have tagged him as everything from an Uncle Tom to an Oreo.

Predictably, leftie website Alternet, and even further left writer, Chauncey DeVega didn't fail to deliver on their hate-filled frothing-at-the-mouth ad hominem attack on Cain and all Black conservatives.

Keep in mind, Herman Cain is a Black man who is also a political conservative.

Here are just a few examples of what was said about him;

1. That all Black conservatives are actually "black garbage pail kids".

2. Black conservatives don't have any beliefs of their own, they just "entertain and perform for their White Conservative masters".

Obama ensures if you get food stamps, you also get free Wireless

Remember the old days when you had to actually work to get something?

Well, outmoded thinking like that is sooooo last century.

In today's new and improved Soviet Socialist Republic of Amerika, if your lungs exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide, you'll be shocked as to just how much you qualify for.

Case in point; Sprint Nextel now has a program (government subsidized, of course) which insures if you receive food stamps, Medicaid, or certain state-funded programs, guess what? you also qualify for free wireless internet service.

As Yakov Smirnov use to say, "what a country!"


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The fruits of Muslim education?

On the heels of the joint exposé by the BBC and The Telegraph newspaper that brought to light that the Saudi government supported private Muslim schools in Great Britain were and are teaching schoolchildren that certain Jews were transformed into pigs and apes, as well as "...the swine are the Christian infidels of the communion of Jesus."

Yet another British news organ, The Daily Mail, has just published an article entitled "Shame of Britain's Muslim schools" written by Tazeen Ahmad.

Ahmad uncovered teachers beating students strictly to instill fear; Hindus have ‘no intellect’ and that they ‘drink cow p***’;

Ireland pays the price of the new European Secularism
AKA: The "Spirit of Vatican II"

Ireland has a number of nicknames; the Emerald Isle, the Poor Old Woman, Silk of the Kine, just to name a few.

But it looks as if one will be tossed into the dustbin of history - Cradle of the Priesthood.

The Irish newspaper The Independent is running the headline "Pope to be told church here 'on edge of collapse'".

What? The Catholic Church is on the edge of collapse in Ireland?


Monday, February 14, 2011

Is Obama really Carter Part II?

Conservatives consider the Presidency of a certain James Earl Carter to be an unmitigated disaster. Liberals would rather any reference to it would just go away.

What both conservatives and liberals agree upon is that Carter was percieved as weak by both our allies and adversaries.

The chronology of wimpiness...

When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, Carter responded by not allowing American athletes to participate in the 1980 Moscow Summer Olypics.

The Russians won the medal count with 195 total medals, 80 of them gold. I guess Carter showed 'em.

The Panama Canal was given away to a two-bit dictator; the CIA was gutted; American aid was cut off to El Salvador, which was fighting a Communist insurgency at the time, but gave more than $90 million in aid to the Marxist Nicaraguan Sandinistas.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

SC State Senator: “If at first you don't secede, try again”

Historically never known as a particularly big fan of being dictated to by Washington, DC, our neighboring state, South Carolina, just may start coining their own money.

State Senator Lee Bright (R-Roebuck) has introduced a bill which states in part; "Whereas, the present monetary and banking systems of the United States, centered around the Federal Reserve System, have come under ever-increasing strain during the last several years, and will be exposed to ever-increasing and predictably debilitating strain in the years to come."

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MSNBC credits Obama for making Egyptian regime change possible

During yesterday's airing of the MSNBC program Hardball with Chris Matthews, the show's namesake gives the reason as to why Hosni Mubarak stepped down from power was due to the election of Barack Obama as president.

To read more and see video, click here...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

BBC - Muslim students taught proper method for chopping the hands off of thieves

Is it believable that in the 21st century, schoolchildren could possibly be taught that certain Jews were transformed into pigs and apes? Or that certain crimes should be punished by stoning?

Both the BBC and the Telegraph newspaper of London are reporting that Muslim students within the borders of Great Britain are precisely being taught these things.

And it doesn't end there. Students are taught at the age of 15 how to cut the hands off of thieves for their first offence and that their feet should be amputated for any subsequent crime.

Students are also instructed by illustrated diagrams showing exactly where the specific cuts should be made.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Was Jesus an Illegal Alien?
Oops... I mean "Undocumented Worker"

It has been reported by The California Catholic that during the keynote speech to a group of Catholic business leaders at the annual Legatus Summit at Naples, Florida , the Los Angeles Coadjutor Archbishop José H. Gomez (and automatic successor to the current Archbishop of Los Angeles, Roger Cardinal Mahony when he retires later this month) stated the following;

"Christians must ponder the mystery of “why did Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of God, choose to experience the conditions of an immigrant?"

Jesus Christ was never an immigrant. According to the New Testament writings, Christ stayed within the boundaries of the Roman Empire during His entire lifetime on Earth.

Christ was born in Judaea, an obscure and dusty province of the Roman Empire. Due to the barbarity of King Herod, the Holy Family fled to Egypt, yet another province of the Roman Empire.

Ya Gotta Love The Thong

Michelle Obama recently threw her weight around in an attempt to force restaurants to serve smaller portion sizes.

Oh, really?

Hey, even according to the good folks at the New York Times, Mister Michelle Obama's favorite foods happen to be the following;

•Planters Trail Mix: Nuts, Seeds & Raisins

•Roasted almonds



•MET-Rx chocolate roasted peanut protein bars

•Vegetables, especially broccoli and spinach

•Handmade milk chocolates from Fran's Chocolates in Seattle

In light that she has her hubby on such a short gastronomic leash, it must be all true, right?


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Are Those Who Say Federal Pay Should be Cut "Mentally Retarded"?

On February 8th members of the American Federation of Government Employees picketed outside the Capitol demanding more taxpayer dollars for their already bloated salary and benefits.

AFGE President John Gage was caught by an amateur cameraman stating that those who favor a cut in federal pay are "mentally retarded".

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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

First Lady, Heal Thyself

The mirror-impaired First Lady, Michelle Obama, is now trying to force the nation's restaurants to serve smaller portions, regardless of what the paying customer wants.

According to a New York Times report on Sunday, Mrs. Obama has a team of advisers in talks with the National Restaurant Association in an effort to get eateries to serve smaller portions and healthier children's meals.


Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Multi-Culturalism Works! No... Really... It Does!

Don't listen to that loonie British PM David Cameron when he uses scare tactics such as stating that by allowing various cultural groups - especially moslems - to exist in separate communities, that divides the nation, and that it is not only wrong but dangerous.

Oh, pish-posh, Davey. Why do you try to scare the daylights out of us all with statements such as "We have encouraged different cultures to live separate lives apart from each other and apart from the mainstream."

But Cameron isn't the only Euro-Honcho to express those feelings.

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has said the idea of people from different cultural backgrounds living happily "side by side" simply hasn't worked.

"This [multicultural] approach has failed, utterly failed."


Monday, February 07, 2011

South Carolina Bill Would Void Moslem Laws

A bill was introduced in the South Carolina legislature that would prevent SC courts from enforcing foreign law, to include moslem Sharia law.

The proposal doesn't specifically mention Islam or Sharia law.

The bill's co-sponsor, State Senator Mike Fair (R-Greenville), stated, "What we're trying to do is, with certainty, restate the obvious, particularly for our newcomers, that culture from a foreign country or religion does not dictate our law."

However, moslem advocates claim that the bill would interfere with documents such as will, which distribute property in accordance with moslem tradition.

"The backers of these discriminatory proposals realize if they put specific references to Sharia or Muslims, it won't pass constitutional muster," said Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.


Sunday, February 06, 2011

A Traditional Catholic's Argument for a Married Priesthood
Boy, am I going to get a lot of people mad at me!

Yes, I'm a Traditional Latin Mass kinda guy. I absolutely detest the Novus Ordo. I believe that the so-called "Spirit" of Vatican II has been one of the greatest threats that's ever faced Holy Mother the Church. I'm of the opinion that militant homosexual deviants have overrun our Sacred Priesthood (there's that 'fresh breeze' of V2 again).

I also believe there should be an option for a married priesthood for the Latin Rite (Western) Church.

I haven't come to that conclusion solely based on the frothing at the mouth arguments of the 60's-reject aging hippie Roman Protestants that populate more than a few rectories, convents and parish councils.

No, we shouldn't have a married priesthood in the Western Church because of this phony, manufactured, man-made "priest shortage" (or would that be 'person-made?)

Nor should we have a married priesthood in the Western Church because of that sappy argument of "they're men! They should have a woman in their life!" Celibacy is a discipline, a gift, a grace. It is certainly something that I could never master. I tip my hat to any man or woman who could live the celibate lifestyle. By the way... no one forces any man into the seminary, or any woman to take the veil, It's a life they choose.

And most of all, we shouldn't have a married priesthood in the Western Church because of the utterly moronic rationale of "if we had married priests, they wouldn't have to molest little boys". A married priesthood has absolutely nothing to do with molestation. The sexual scandal is because of the ordinations of open and militant homosexuals. Yet again, here comes that fresh breeze of Vatican II, fetid pollution and all.

My thoughts in regards to a married priesthood have nothing to do with the garbage arguments we are subjected to by the geriatric refugees of the Luv Generation.


Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Roadmap to Saving Western Civilization

A friend of mine, who happens to be a conservative Gulliver stranded amongst the San Francisco Bay Area small-brained Liliputian liberals, recently sent me the following document that was tagged with the requisite acedemia-boring title of "Presentation at the Convocation of the College of Fellows, January 28, 2011" that took place at the Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology in Berkeley, California.

Sounds like quite the yawnfest, huh? Well, Like the old saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover.

Anyway, this was a stunning speech. I strongly suggest every single Christian Conservative (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant... doesn't matter) to invest a few moments of your life and take a gander at what Gil Bailie of the College of Fellows at DSPT had to say.

Here are just a few passages that I hope may pique your interest;
Like many of you I suppose, the first thing that came to mind when I learned that Cardinal Ratzinger had chosen Benedict for his papal name was the concluding lines of Alasdair MacIntyre's After Virtue, in which he suggested that nothing short of a new St. Benedict would save Western Civilization from itself. Having a few weeks earlier declared the "dictatorship of relativism" to be the besetting affliction of the contemporary West, the new papal name seemed to signal that the rehabilitation of the culture for which the sixth century Benedict had laid the foundation would be a priority of Benedict XVI's pontificate.

The Holy Father clearly understands that if Western culture is to awaken from its historical amnesia and moral confusions, and if the uniqueness and history-altering meaning of the Christian Gospel is to be proclaimed afresh, we must learn to account for Christian truth in ways that are faithful to Church doctrine, intellectually cogent, morally robust, charitable, and uninhibited by the spirit of the age. Decades ago, Joseph Ratzinger pointed the way to accomplishing this task by suggesting that a collaboration between theology and anthropology can lead to "the truly most exciting part of Christian faith."

Today, however, these efforts will necessarily have to engage the powerful forces now arrayed against any form of Christianity that refuses to mimic the passing moral and social fashions of the age. Though promising counter-trends can be found, very powerful forces in our society have lately been growing ever more hostile toward the religious tradition that inspired our civilization's greatest cultural and moral achievements - namely: the respect for the dignity of each and every person, an empathy for the persecuted, the downtrodden, the poor and the powerless, and - most importantly - the religious inculcation of these moral principles in human hearts and their political codification in law, which is essentially what we mean when we use the phrase "Western Civilization."
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Thursday, February 03, 2011

White People Call for Lynching of Famous African-American

Kudos to Andrew Breitbart for having the guts to attend a Loony-Leftie rally in Palm Springs... and catch their innermost feelings on film.

Nothing I could say could add to the words these lovely people haven't already said.

Here's just a few examples of the liberal mindset in regards to those they disagree with; "Put him (Clarence Thomas) back in the fields. He`s a scumbag. He`s a dumb shit scumbag...Roger Ailes, kill the bastard...Cut off his toes (Clarence Thomas) one by one and feed it to him...I'm all about peace but I say torture (Thomas)...string him up (lynch) and his wife too... Hang him."By the way, did you notice there was only one black person in the entire crowd?

Read more and see video...
Nuclear Terrorism on the Horizon?

The Daily Telegraph of London (via the Vancouver Sun) is reporting that al-Qaida is on the verge of producing radioactive weapons after sourcing nuclear material and recruiting rogue scientists to build "dirty" bombs, according to leaked diplomatic documents.

A leading atomic regulator has privately warned that the world stands on the brink of a "nuclear 9/11".

Security briefings suggest that jihadi groups are also close to producing "workable and efficient" biological and chemical weapons that could kill thousands if unleashed in attacks on the West.


Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Pakistanis Up in Arms Over American "Killer"

It must be protest season again in Pakistan. If it's not the Pope, then maybe a renegade Danish cartoonist that has our Pakistani friends calling for the death of the latest Western Indifel de Jour.

The Cybercast News Service is reporting that an unnamed Yankee has wound-up scads and scads of wild-eyed Islamists who are calling for his immediate execution by hanging.

Some reports are estimating the protests have drawn as many as 15,000 people that have taken to the streets of Lahore, many demanding the death of a United States diplomat.

As reported by tyhe Cybercast News Service, "Pakistan's media are describing the man variously as a 'commando,' a CIA operative, or an agent of a private security contractor. The foreign ministry called him a 'U.S. functionary.'"