Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Liberal Call for "Strikes" and "Riots"

I just finished reading a rather fascinating article from notoriously Leftie rag "The Nation".

Fascinating from the perspective that the Honorary Chairthing of the Democratic Socialists of America is actually calling for riots and strikes (thinly veiled, but real nonetheless), and there has yet to be peep one from the likes of CNN, The New York Times or PMSNBC.



Blogger scotju said...

How is throwing a temper tantrum going to help the unemployed? This crap will only help those who wish to impose a dictatorship upon the American people. Since this dumb bunny is a socialist, who can see nothing but evil in the current social order, the only solution she has is overthrow! And we all know how well socialism worked for the working classes in Russia and Eastern Europe. Why after the socialist took over, they didn't have riots for over 70 years!

2:33 PM  

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