Monday, January 17, 2011

The Emasculation of Western Culture Continues

Some committee that could best be described as the uglier version of a bureaucratic abortion gone wrong, the Military Leadership Diversity Commission, has drafted a proposal calling for the Fairer Sex to serve in combat roles Service-wide.

Isn't that just swell? These soft-headed maroons understand as much about the deprivations of military life as they do about... well, the deprivations of military life.

I'm not going to get into the specifics of how women simply aren't designed to carry heavy weight high on their backs for long periods of time (80 lbs. plus for 20 miles plus). I won't bring up that gals don't have the upper body strength to hump 155 Mike Mike rounds all day, etc. And I certainly won't bring up the fact that when it comes to killing very, very bad people, testosterone plays a rather large role in the equation.

Oh, and I promise not to bring up that if your squad is setting up an ambush and one of your young ladies is experiencing that time of the month (AKA: Feelin’ Menstru-riffic; is currently reading The Hunt for Red October; dealing with Bitchy Witchy Week; has called her own Code Red on herself; Harvesting Cotton at Crotch Canyon; so on and so forth), every wild dog in a 20 mile radius is going to be beating feet straight to your site.

So much for an effective ambush.

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Blogger scotju said...

VSC, I think for a woman to be successful in combat, she would almost have to be a lesbian. I can't picture a normal woman, who might kill someone to defend a helpless child, being able to be in a constant 'kill mode' on the battlefield. She would have to surpress her natural maternal, feminine feelings to be that way, wouldn't she? Am I right or wrong?

12:34 PM  
Blogger ignorant redneck said...

All I will say is that remember some things. Like, teaching female MPs to drive M11313's only to find that they couldn't make them turn due to lack of upper body strength and body mass, then listening to them whine about how unfair it was that we expected them to steer like the males--i.e., make the damned thing turn!

Or the females we had to take on patrol who broke down under the load of their rucks during cross country travel--they weren't as heavily loaded as ours--and those among them who started crying that it just wasn't fair to expect them to carry their own existence load--never mind the mission specific equipment that we males were carrying in addition!

Or the chick in SERE school who broke down and threw a screaming fit during POW phase, threatening to file charges for sexual harassment because the guards told her to shut her pig mouth. (We were all called "pig", or worse, and she didn't get beat like the boys--kid gloves, in fact.)

I'll support women in combat when I see women meet the exact same standards as men in training--no gender norming--and hold their own in dismounted Field Exercises several times in a row.

Their sense of equality isn't worth the life of a single infantryman, tanker, canon-cocker or marine.

Liberals have some sort of brain eating amoeba.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Michelle Therese said...

I'm a woman who served as a helicopter mechanic in the Navy. I'm a disabled Gulf War vet. I'm also an ex-Firefighter. I have earned the right to say, from first hand witnessing and personal experience of the facts and the truth: Women cannot do everything that men can do and we do **not** belong in combat.

5:36 PM  

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