Saturday, September 04, 2010

San Francisco parish ex-VP to host homosexual "slave" conference

It's being reported by The California Catholic (click on link for entire article) that a prominent member of San Francisco’s Most Holy Redeemer parish will conduct two workshops at the “Master/slave Conference 2010”.

Patrick Mulcahey is a past vice-president of Most Holy Redeemer’s pastoral council and has served as a eucharistic minister at Masses. Mr. Mulcahey’s prominence with the parish extends back at least to 2002.

On April 29 of that year, Mr. Mulcahey, identified as pastoral council vice-president, was one of those interviewed in a New York Times article profiling the church: “At a largely Gay Church, A Test of Faith.”

The Master/Slave Conference 2010, where Mr. Mulcahey will lead the workshops is an annual production of Master Taino’s Training Academy. Their mission statement reads "To provide education and support through a variety of methods concerning the Master/slave lifestyle."



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