Tuesday, September 21, 2010

FINALLY... a Catholic Bishop fights back
Article taken in its entirety from The California Catholic Daily;
“How prejudiced can a judge be?”
Hard-hitting pastoral letter from Bishop of Fresno

(The following is a September pastoral letter by Fresno Bishop John Steinbock published on the diocesan website.)

My dear people of God,

How is one to react to a single judge declaring that homosexuals have a right to be married, overturning the clear will of the majority of the people as expressed in proposition 8? Here are ten brief thoughts:

The judge, who is homosexual himself, ethically should have recused himself as he is in the position to benefit financially from a possible homosexual marriage for himself, with tax benefits, etc. His impartiality can certainly be questioned.

The judge redefined “marriage,” actually making it the same as “a committed relationship or friendship” between any two persons, with no relationship essentially to children or family.

The ruling by its very arguments is imposing the homosexual agenda on the rest of society, and is a form of social engineering according to the judge’s ideology.



Blogger VSO said...

I see that the Archbishop of St. Paul/Minneapolis is doing the same.

2:16 PM  
Blogger CynicalSon said...

The anal assault on America continues. The filthy sodomites—as opposed to homosexuals, who do not practice the abomination that is their inclination—are the epitome of selfishness, forcing children into a “family” relationship by adopting them to indoctrinate them (which is child abuse). Now they are corrupting the legal system and using it to create the homonym, marriage, to deceive people into confusing this perverse homonym with the legitimate institution by the same name which is solely governed by the Catholic Church. Soon, they will seek to deprive people of their constitutional rights to free speech and freedom of religion by subjecting them to law suits that confiscate their property if they do not acknowledge this perversity as if it were a true marriage.

3:46 PM  

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